Chapter 3

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It was Monday. The worst day of the week. And I had a huge test today, which didn't make anything better.

I hopped out of bed and turned the shower on. I then put my songs on shuffle, and the song Same Old Love by Selena Gomez came on. I took of my clothes and hopped into the shower. It only took like 5 minutes, and when I was done I brushed my hair and teeth. Then I wrapped myself and my hair in a towel and walked into my closet. I chose a plain white shirt with a grey sweatshirt that said that said studying, underlining the word dying. (Studying) I also got out some shorts and my white high top converse.

When I was finished, I went downstairs and made myself some eggo waffles (YAS EGGO WAFFLES). I grabbed a bottle of water and my backpack, and headed to my car.

I hopped in the drivers seat and plugged my phone into the aux cord. 679 by Fetty Wap came on and I started rapping to it.

I shortly got to school. I jumped out of my car, making sure to grab by bag, water, and phone.

I slowly walked into school, looking around for Taylor. I spotted her talking to Cameron. I started walking away to avoid conversation with Cameron, but Taylor thought otherwise.

"HEY LILY! COME HERE!" I dragged myself towards her, not wanting to talk to anybody.
"Hey." Cameron said lazily. He didn't seem very interested in me.
"Uhm hi Cameron. I said shyly, doing a weird little wave.
"So I'm having a party on Friday. Lily, do you wanna come?" Taylor asked me, tilting her head. I just gave her a glare because she knows I don't like parties.
"No." I said, a stern look on my face. I was not giving in.
"Jack J is gonna be there!" Cameron said in a girly voice. My eyes grew wide in panic.
"Wait how do you know I like him?"
"Taylor here told me." He smirked. I just want to kill Taylor right now.
"Well don't you dare tell him! ....please." I begged Cameron.
"I won't."
"Ok. But it's your loss, Lily." Taylor said, shrugging."
"You know we have that physics test on Monday right." I told Taylor.
"I thought that was today!!!"
"Nope today is in geometry." I smirked.
"FRICK!" She yelled. She doesn't really cuss.
"Why don't you just say the word fuck instead of frick." Cameron asked.
"You know I don't cuss." she said.
"Well, I've got to go to class. See you later Taylor!"
"Hey what about me!" Cameron pouted as I just waked away.

*skip school*

I got home and did my homework which took about 2 hours.

After that, I hopped in my bed when I heard a noise from my phone. It was from Jackie chan AKA Jack J. He put in that name not me.

Jackie chan: hey Caroline
Me: lol this isn't Caroline
Jackie chan: umm then who is it?
Me: you don't know? Wow....
Jackie chan: I'm jk I know it's you lily 😂
Me: oh lol so what's up
Jackie chan: nothin much wbu
Me: nothing
Jackie chan: well I gtg Gilinsk wants to hang out bye
Me: bye

Hmm. Weird. I thought he wanted to hang out... Who am I kidding he probably didn't know who I was until he looked up at the contact name. I studied some more and then put my phone up to charge. Then I changed into some pjs and went to bed.

Lol kinda just a filler. Those suck, I'm sorry. I'll have a real good chapter soon promise!

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