Chapter 6

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After 15 minutes of having to listen to lips smacking together in the back, we finally got to the movies.

I hopped out as soon as Sam stopped the car because I couldn't take Gilinsky and his chick anymore. Sam pouted as he took my hand.

"Why didn't you let me open the door for you?" He whined.
"Cause I couldn't stand Gilinsky and that girl anymore."
"True." He laughed.

We walked inside the movies, not caring if the other two love birds were coming. Sam ordered the tickets for us, and payed like the gentleman he is. (that sentence doesn't really make sense, sorryy)

We walked into the theatre (or where the movie was actually playing. they're watching the new James Bond movie, if you were wondering) after we got some snacks, also payed for by Sam. Not saying that I didn't like that. I'm not a gold-digger, but I'm broke. Not really. Whatever. The commercials ended as soon as we sat down. Sam took my hand and kissed my check. What a gentleman.

After the movie was over, we went back to the car. Sam texted Jack (Gilinsky) to find out where he was. Apparently they called an uber and got a hotel room for the night. I feel bad for the people in the rooms next to theirs. There's almost an 100% chance they will be making noise all night. (that's a chance song ayyee it's lit)

I was standing in the street, thinking, when a car honked and Sammy yanked my arm.

"One. Don't call me that. Two, you almost just got ran over by a huge pickup. I just saved your life. Happy?"
I blushed.
"Oops. And thanks."
"It's fine, and I wanna touch that body more." He winked.
"SAM!" I shouted. He just snickered.

We walked back to the car and drove back to his house. When we got back (guess who's back, back. back again!), Sam abruptly stopped as we reached the door, almost causing me to fall.

"Sam what the hell?!"
"SHHH! Johnson is most likely asleep on the couch, we're gonna prank him. We will get a whole bunch of whipped cream and smack it on his face. Sound good?" I laughed.
"Uh okay then."

We quietly tiptoed inside, and there he was, lying on the couch. I silently put my bag on the counter and walked into the kitchen.

Sam pulled out two bottles of whipped cream from the fridge and handed one to me. I put as much whipped cream on my hand as possible, Sam repeating my actions. Then Sam unexpectedly squirted some into my mouth. I squealed, and Sam almost immediately slapped his hand that wasn't covered with whipped cream over my mouth.

He removed his hand after about 5 seconds, then put his finger to his mouth, signaling to be quiet. I nodded my head, and trailed behind Sam.

Sam took out his phone, pressed the record button and whispered "smack cam" to the camera. As soon as he said that, Sam and I slapped Johnson on the face, really, REALLY hard. Johnson abruptly sat up and screeched.

Sam and I just lost it and we cried out eyes out laughing. Johnson got up for some reason, not saying anything more. Sam and I were still rolling around on the ground and laughing hysterically.

All of a sudden I felt a slap on my cheek. I looked up and saw Johnson standing there with a smirk on his face, the slap marks from our hands still evident on his face.

Sam sat up and just sat there. As I, the other hand did the exact opposite. I stood up and started chasing Johnson around the house.

"YOU'LL PAY FOR THAT!" I screamed.

He slowed down to catch his breath, and that's when I attacked him and jumped on his back. He fell down and started laughing, and so did I.

After a while, we quieted down. We stared at each other for a long time.

Damn. This messy hair he's got going on? It's really sexy. Like, REALLY sexy.

"Why thanks, I think you're sexy. " He said.
"Indeed you did." I turned super red.
"No need to be sorry, but for your information I already knew that I'm sexy." He winked. I died inside.


After she said my hair was sexy, I almost blushed. ALMOST! Guys don't blush. She seemed like she was thinking out loud (ed lol), but I decided to act on it.

"Why, thanks. I think you're sexy. " It's true. She is sexy.
"Indeed you did." I like fancy words. It's my thing.
"Sorry." She turned red, embarrassed. It was cute; she kinda hid her face.
"No need to be sorry, but for your information I already knew that I'm sexy." I winked. She just giggled.

What a cutie. Girlfriend material AF. I need her to be my girlfriend. I would take her out all the time, I'd call her baby and babygirl.

Damn, I hope she likes pet names.

I would spoil her, and kiss her all the time, letting all the other boys know she's taken. I want her to be MINE. Not Sam's. Not Gilinsky's. MINE. Jack Edward Johnson's girl. Lily Johnson. That sounds beautiful. I was snapped out of my trance by Lily.

"JOHNSON!" She smacked my chest.
"Huh what?"
"I said, can you drop me off back at my house!"
"Noooo I want you to stay!" I sound clingy. Whatever.
"But Jaaack! There's nothing to do, because I already watched a movie and ate, and to relax I NEED my sweatpants." She complained.
"What about Sam?"
"He didn't talk to me after I chased you; he just went to bed."
"Fine, I'll drop you off, but only on one condition. "
"What's that."
"I take you home, you change, and stay overnight. How's that?"
"But what will we do?"
"When with Johnson, a fun time is always guaranteed." I smirked. She laughed.
"Okay fine, but I have to ask my mom. You sure it's okay?"
"Yep. Let's go!"

I grabbed my keys and walked her out to my car. She hopped in, looking kinda sad.

"What's wrong?"
"You didn't open the door for me." She pouted. I laughed.

I got out of my seat, looking at Lily's confused facial expression. I opened her door, picking her up. She clinged onto my neck, then I set her back down and closed the door. I walked over to the drivers side and hopped in.

"Very." She smiled.

What a lovely smile. She put her address into my gps and I started to drive. This'll be a fun night.

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