Chapter 17

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Song of the Chapter: Je te Pardonne - Maître Gims ft. Sia. It may sound weird, but it's a French song and I love it.




It was 3:30 am and I couldn't stop thinking about her. Why did I have to be so dumb.

First, I got drunk and kissed a random girl. Mistake number one. Then I decided to POST A PICTURE OF IT. Obviously I was drunk then too. What on earth was I thinking!! Then, me being my idiot self, didn't realize why Lily was mad. Of course she would be mad! Dammit! Then I said she shouldn't be mad because we weren't dating. You don't tell a girl NOT to be mad when she's mad! And now, I'll NEVER get a chance to date her. NEVER! Because I said we weren't dating. Thanks Captain Obvious.


I texted her asking if she wanted to talk. She probably ignored it cause I'm such a jerk. So here I am, laying in bed at 3:30am, just thinking about how idiotic I can be, and how I'll never be hers.

I continued to make an effort to fall asleep, but nothing was working. I even took a sleeping pill!

I decided to go out and go for a walk. That usually clears my mind and tires me, that way I can fall asleep.

I grabbed my headphones and my phone, put my shoes on and walked out the door.

My parents know I take late night walks sometimes so they don't really mind when I go. They just don't know when cause they're always asleep anyway.

I shuffled all of my songs and Panda by Desiigner (that's the guy's name right?) came on. People say that song's overplayed but I don't really care. I like that song.

I started walking around, not even caring that I started going out of my neighborhood.

Outside my neighborhood is just a giant meadow/forest. I know it sounds weird but that's what it is.

Lots of time passed, songs constantly ending and new ones starting.

I hadn't bothered to look up the whole walk, and when I did, I found a really cool thing.

A TREEHOUSE! My inner child took over my entire body.

There was a ginormous tree, maybe even a sequoia. Up near the top was a relatively large treehouse.

Leaning up against the tree was a tall ladder made out of tree branches, tied together with large leaves. It looked pretty stable.

I paused my music and made my way to the ladder. I started climbing when I slipped and lost my grip towards the top.

I almost fell to my death when I felt a warm hand grab mine.

I looked up and saw a kid who looked my age. He pulled me up and I got into the treehouse.

It was amazing. I gaped at the insides. There was a couch, a giant TV, an Xbox, an area with loads of food, a fridge, a mini KITCHEN?! something that looked like a bathroom in the corner, and a big red rug.

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