Chapter 21

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I continued my journey to the laser tag arena, Johnson right behind me. We soon got there, and the doors to the arena has just been opened.

I ran in excitedly and grabbed a vest with the gun attached, as did Johnson. There was a large blacklight, so my shoes and my shirt lit up a bit.

I looked at my gun, which displayed the previous player's stats and my name. I had Superman.

The short, petite girl who was working here explained the rules, informing everyone on how to operate the gun and that there was no running allowed whatsoever. I was going to run anyway.

After the explanation, our vests lit up, separating us into two teams: the red team and the blue team. I looked at Johnson's blue vest, then my red vest.

An alarm sounded, and Johnson and I ran off in different directions. So much for no running.

I decided on going upstairs. I took off for the stairs, shooting blue enemies in the process. Panting, I reached the top, glancing down on everyone.

I shot repeatedly at all the blue vests. Victory sounds rang in my ears, a beautiful and harmonious sound. Hiding in the corner I spot a dexterous Johnson, camping from behind a large box. I smirked, aiming at his chest.

I pulled the trigger, hitting him effortlessly. The victory ding announced that I had shot him, and I spun around in satisfaction. He looked around, confused, trying to find a red vest that might have shot him. He glanced up, and our eyes met. I smirked, raising my gun in the air.

He glared at me, and then smirked. I knew he was alive again. (you know in laser tag you get shot then you gotta wait like 10 seconds until you can shoot people again)

I shot him again, and his vest displayed a red spot in the middle of his blue vest. Hit him again. I smirked, then ran to the other side of the upstairs area to shoot other blue rebels. 

I shot countless blue vests, until I heard the defeat sound, signaling that I had been shot. I grunted, turning around. In front of me was a smirking Johnson.

I squealed, running away from him. But he caught me by my wrist, spinning me around. My original plans had been spoiled. I was forced into his chest, and he held the gun at my head. I groaned, trying to free myself from his iron grip.
Unsuccessful, I grunted, stepping on his foot to try to make him let go of me. Frankly, he did the opposite. He held me tighter, and my constant kicking didn't seem to phase him one bit.

He then swiftly leaned down, pecking my lips. Rolling my eyes, I spoke.

"Hey, if you're going to kiss me, kiss me." I groaned, putting my hand on his face.
"Okay then." He grinned, removing my hand from his face.

Our lips met, and sparks flew. We made out for like 5 minutes until we heard a little child in the distance yelling, "EWW!!"

Johnson pulled away, laughing. I did the same. His smile is just so contagious. He let go of me, and I grinned. I shot him in the chest, and he groaned, rolling his eyes. I giggled, continuing to shoot at him, although that wouldn't do much because he was already dead.

He ran away to find a hiding spot to shoot my fellow comrades. I scouted the area, shooting any blue vests I discovered.

After about 10 minutes of pathetic cries from the blue team and my victory moves, the game was over.

I ran over to the preparation room and threw my vest onto one of the hangers. I stared up at the scoreboard, searching for 'Superman.' As I spotted it, Johnson walked out of the arena. I ran up to him, grinning.

"First place!" I stuck my tongue out at him, and he rolled his eyes.
"Let me see." He took his vest off and stared at the screen. 
"See!" I smirked, lightly elbowing him.
"Well I got first place too." He smirked back, wrapping an arm around my shoulder.
"Yeah but I got first on my team and overall. I told you I'd beat you!" I celebrated like a four year old, prancing around like a little diva.
"Whatever." He huffed, walking out of the room. I laughed, catching up to him.
"Let's do gravity ropes now!" I squealed, skipping to the gravity rope area.

He broke out into a toothy grin, following behind me. Luckily the last group had just finished, so Johnson and I got there right on time.

We suited up, and immediately got started. I was determined to do them all, as was Johnson.

*short time skip*

"THAT WAS AMAZING!" I squealed, hugging Johnson as we walked over to the little restaurant.
"Yeah. But you almost fell." He snickered.
"Doesn't change the fact that it was fun," I shrugged, "I did them all!"
"So did I."

We got to the little restaurant, and we both ordered some pepperoni pizza and fountain drinks. Only 10 bucks for it all, it was pretty cool.

After about 5 minutes of just enjoying each other's presence, the pizza came.

"Enjoy!" The employee, who looked a bit like Cam Newton, smiled.
"Thank you!" I returned the smile, taking a bite of my pizza.
"Did that guy look like Cam Newton to you?" Johnson asked, staring at the guy as he helped some other customers.
"Yeah." I laughed, sipping my Diet Dr. Pepper.

We finished our food pretty quick, and we decided to have a little fun at the arcade.

"I bet I can score more baskets than you in that basketball game." I grinned, pointing to one of the arcade games.
"Oh you're on." Jack smirked. We took off running, and we swiped our arcade cards.

"START!" The machine spoke, and mini basketballs came sliding towards me. I quickly grabbed one, flicking my wrist. It went in. I continued shooting, as did Johnson. Glancing at his side, I saw that his score was a bit higher than mine. I ignored that, and continued shooting baskets.

"TIMES UP!" The game spoke again, and I shot my last ball, which bounced off the rim.
"WINNER! PLAYER ONE!" The machine announced and Johnson jumped, doing a little happy dance. I glared at him.
"AIR HOCKEY!" I grinned, but Johnson quickly said no.
"What?! Why!" I yelled, pouting a bit.
"It's almost 10pm, they're going to close soon!" Johnson commented, showing me his watch, which read 21:48.
"You're right.." I trailed off, bending down to tie my shoe.
"Sorry Lily. Let's go!" He smiled anyway, grabbing my hand. I broke out into a smile, shaking my head. What is this boy doing to me.

Johnson dropped me off at my house because he had to go home. I already miss him.

When I got home, I showered, changed, brushed my teeth, and hopped into bed. I wasn't about to stay up late, I had to get up early to study for finals. I would be studying all day.


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