Chapter 22

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Song of the Chapter - Sober by Childish Gambino. Childish Gambino is everything, honestly. So excited for Pharos 🔥


JOHNSON'S POV (you guys asked for it)

As I was driving back home, my mom called me.

"Jack Edward Johnson where are you?!" She screamed into the phone, making me cringe and cover my ears.
"Mom! Calm down! Lily and I just went to Main Event, and I dropped her off at her house. I'm on my way home now." I informed her, and she sighed into the phone.
"Your curfew is 10:30! It's almost 11:00!" She exclaimed, making me flinch.
"I know mom.. I'm sorry." I apologized, hearing her sigh on the other line.
"It's okay, I was just worried about you honey. Please text me next time."
"Okay mom. Well, I have to go. Traffic is bad, for some reason." I lied through my teeth.
"Okay, see you soon. Love you!" I hung up the phone.

Now, why would I lie to my mother? I don't know. Sometimes she could be annoying. I love her more than anything, but I wanted some time to think for myself. I decided to stop by the neighborhood park and just chill out there.

I parked my car on the rough gravel path that led to the entrance of the park.

I wandered the lonely trail, the stars above me twinkling and glimmering in the pitch-black night sky. My mind was racing as if my head were a racetrack. Lily, Madison, and Jack were the only things, or people, on my mind.

My phone rung in my back pocket, and I glared at the screen. Madison is calling...

Speak of the devil.

I reluctantly answered my handheld electronic device. Phones are so.. perplexing.

"Hey babygirl." I growled into the phone, smirking.
"Hey baby boy," she chucked, "why don't you come over and show me who's daddy. I've been a naughty girl.." Madison purred into the phone, making me hard.
"Oh no. What has daddy's little girl been doing?" My breath hitched, wondering if she was with Jack.

Jack was in love with Madison, but he doesn't know about our little affair. Neither does Lily. They don't need to know a thing.

"I'm lonely daddy.." She trailed off, whimpering.
"You didn't answer my question," I rasped.
"Come over here and I'll show you," she moaned into the phone.
"I can't kitty, my mom is already mad enough at me."
"Where were you?"
"I was at the main event with Lily," I spoke truthfully.
"I bet I can make you feel better than she makes you feel."
"Fuck, baby girl, you're making me so hard. I'm going to punish you next time I see you."
"Oh no daddy," she whimpered.
"That's right. I'm going to smack your little ass so hard, then fuck you even harder. But your little highness won't be able to say a word."
"Daddy.. you can't do that."
"Oh, I just did baby girl. See you tomorrow night." I licked my lips and hung up the phone.

Madison is so damn sexy, and she makes me feel so good. I know it's bad to do this behind both my best friend's and my girlfriend's backs, but who am I kidding. I can't help myself.

I wandered back to the car, thinking about what would happen if either Lily or Jack ever found out. Luckily that will not happen.

I drove back to my house and got there in about 5 minutes. Flight of the Navigator played the whole drive.

"And even when you were sad, you were really happy. Cause you were here."

Not gonna lie, that dude Childish Gambino has some deep ass lyrics. He's been getting a little bit of hate recently due to the fact that his new album has no rap, but I still appreciate it. I bet Lily would too....

I arrived at my average-sized, red, brick house and got out of the car, grabbing my phone in the process.

Lily 🌺: hey baby. i miss u
Me: I miss you too sweet pea.
Lily 🌺: wyd?
Me: I just got back. Guess what I listened to on the way home?
Lily 🌺: AML? I hope?
Me: close....
Lily 🌺: BTI?
Me: which song from BTI?
Lily 🌺: 3005
Me: no. why do you say that song first?
Lily 🌺: because you're a fake fan
Me: lies. I listened to flight of the navigator.
Lily 🌺: one of my favorites.
Me: I know.
Lily 🌺: I'm tiredddddddd
Me: go to sleep then baby
Lily 🌺: but you're not here with me :(

I hate when she does that... makes me want to drive to her house just to snuggle with her. She's irresistible.

Me: i can't do anything.. I'm sorry.
Lily 🌺: :((((
Me: well, i have to go shower and brush my teeth and what not......
Lily 🌺: okay then :/ good night jack ❤️
Me: sleep well my little ladybug
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I proceeded to do as I told her: shower.

I turned on the water, the droplets forcefully pounding against the white, tiled shower floor.

I put my phone on shuffle, Flight of the Navigator coming on again. I stripped down to nothing but my bare skin and gently stepped into the shower. The pounding yet sizzling droplets of water hit my sensitive back and I groaned. It felt so good yet it hurt just a bit.

I hummed the tune of the soothing song, sitting down on the little built-in bench that was located at the furthest end of the shower.

After around 5 songs had passed, my fingers became as wrinkly as a dried grape, or a raisin. I sighed, getting up from my seat and turning the shower off.

I softly moaned as the cold air hit my body, a big contrast from the steamy shower. I quickly grabbed a towel, wrapping it around my waist. I slowly brushed my teeth, becoming very drowsy. I got changed and lied in bed, not bothering to study for finals that were tomorrow.

"Let you go, oh, to the sea. Just for me. Don't ever leave me my love.."

Urn played on an endless loop inside my head; for some reason it was stuck in my head. But luckily, I fell asleep, imagining the soothing voice of Donald inside my strange organ called the brain.


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