Chapter 14

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Song of the Chapter: This Could Be Us - Rae Sremmurd. what a weird name haha


"What is there to talk about, Jack."

He knew I was being serious when I called him Jack and not Johnson.

"You've been ignoring me! That's what there is to talk about! You kicked me out for no reason!"
"I actually have a legitimate reason."
"Really? What is it then?"
"You have to figure it out. Oh wait you can't because you're too ignorant and naive." I gave a fake smile.

"I'm not ignorant or naive! Why can't you just tell me!"
"You have to figure it out to prove that you're not ignorant nor naive." I smirked. He grunted.
"There's literally no reason for why you got mad at me!"
"There is."
"Whatever I don't even care anymore!"

He stomped away, shaking the earth. I sighed. He is very ignorant. I entered the tunnel, dribbling my ball.

Strolling through the tunnel slowly, I thought about random stuff.

Mostly about Jack.

I soon encountered the end of the tunnel. I picked up my dribble and went towards the sidewalk.

Walking home, I wondered what tomorrow would be like.

Ah yes, hell is one way people describe it. But to me, it's not that bad.

I soon arrived home. When I walked in I saw my mom watching TV.

"Hey mom!"
"Hey sweetie! You hungry?"

I checked the time. It was about 11:45.

"Uh.. I'm not too hungry right now but maybe in like an hour?"
"Okay. What do you want for lunch?"
"What are the choices?"
"I can make you spaghetti, there's leftover hot dogs, I can make hamburgers, I can bring you chick-fil-a, I can-"
"CHICK-FIL-A!" I interrupted her. She laughed.
"Alright then sweetie."

I then ran upstairs.

I entered my room in a good mood. But what I didn't know was that I would leave it in a bad mood.

I was viewing different celebrities' snapchat stories when I got an Instagram notification saying "jackjackjohnson just posted a photo."

Yes, I did turn on post notifications for him. Don't judge me.

I clicked the notification, which took me to instagram.

The picture started loading while and I started wondering what it would be.

Me and him? Nah. Jack and him? Maybe. Him with Nate, Sammy, Jack and him? Probably.

It finished loading, and let me tell you. It was not what I had anticipated.

It was him and some random blonde.. KISSING.

I gasped as a tear traveled down my face slowly.

This is exactly what I was talking about.


Jack Johnson gives Lily Dover another reason to be mad at him!

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