Chapter 15

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Song of the Chapter: All We Got by Chance the Rapper. All I've been listening to lately is his new album.


My alarm goes off like an explosion and I groan.

I lay in bed for a bit more, enjoying this one bit of peace before chaos.

I swing my legs off the bed after a couple minutes and walk over to my closet, where i chose some pug leggings, a maroon tank top, and a white Abercrombie sweatshirt.

I trudge to the bathroom like a zombie, dreading this day. Only a few more weeks till summer. (I have no clue what season it was and i sincerely apologize but let's make it almost summer)

I brush my teeth, put my hair up in a random, lazy ponytail and put on some mascara and deodorant.

I didn't have to shower since i showered last night. (night or morning showers? comment which you prefer. i like night showers)

I changed into my outfit, and put on a couple lokai bracelets.

Checking the time, I hopped downstairs. It was 6:45. I had another 30 minutes or so until I had to leave.

I saw my mom about to walk out the door.

I called her name and walked over to her. I gave her a small hug and let her go.

"Have a good day sweetie!"
"Okay mom! Bye!"
"Love you!"
"Love you too!"

She walked out the door, and I heard  the sound of her heels slowly fade away as the door slammed shut.

I assumed Mason was already gone, so I played some music.

Mixtape by Chance the Rapper came on.

I'm not the type to listen to that kind of music, but chance was an exception.

I danced and sung every other verse while I was eating some Cheerios.

"Hey Lily- oh."

I widened my eyes and immediately ran over to my speaker. I paused the music as my cheeks turned bright red.

"Sorry about that.."
"It's okay," he laughed, "Where's your mother?"
"She left already."
"Oh okay. Well I'll leave then. Do you need me to take you to school?"
"No I'm good, thanks though."
"No problem. See you later sweetie."

He waved and I made an awkward face with a side smile. The door closed and my face dropped and I rolled my eyes.

He's not my dad he doesn't have the right to call me "sweetie."

I turned the music back on and went back to eating my breakfast.

Once I finished it was already around 7:15. I grabbed all my stuff and walked out the door.

I got into my car and drove to school. No music cause I wasn't in the mood anymore.

I soon arrived at school, and I parked my car pretty close to the main building. Lazily, I walked to the front entrance and pulled open the doors. They're pretty heavy.

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