Chapter 4

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I woke up to the sound of my alarm beeping extremely loudly. I groaned as I shut it off and hopped out of bed.

I quickly grabbed my outfit, and went in the shower. When I was finished, I put on my clothes and ran downstairs.

I smelt bacon and pancakes. Ah, mom. Loves to cook. I walked into the kitchen to see Mason cooking.

"Uh, Mason?"
"Oh I thought my mom was cooking."
"No, your mom is in bed. If you would like I can take you to school?"
"Uh no I'm fine, thanks."
"Ok. Well I made you breakfast." He told me, pointing to the table where my food was waiting. For me, the queen.

I sat down to eat my pancakes and bacon. I drizzled the syrup onto the pancakes. Then I got up to go get some orange juice. I poured myself a glass and finished eating. I put my dishes in the sink and checked the time. It read 8:19. Crap! Gonna be late. Don't want that....

I ran out the door and jumped into my car. I started the engine when Downtown by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis came on. I sped off to school, and hurriedly ran to my locker. I had just shut my locker when the bell rang.

I sprinted to my class to realize there was no one in there. I was confused, until some random person told me what was going on.
"We're in the computer room (or technology room, whatever you guys call it) for today."
"Oh thanks." I mumbled, embarrassed.

I strolled down the hallway and up the stairs to the computer room. When I got there, I saw my teacher waiting angrily.

"And why are you late Miss Dover?"
"I... I... Uhm woke up late?" I stuttered.
"Very well. Don't be late again or you will get detention Missie."
"Yes sir."

I walked in and sat down next to Macy.

"Hey, what are we doing?" I asked.
"We're doing research on the topic you picked from the hat yesterday."
"Oh ok thanks."

I then googled 'the theory of relativity,' because that's what topic I got. I really didn't need to google anything because I already knew what the theory of relativity was, but it was a 5 1/2 page paper so I had to google something. I started jotting down notes from the computer. After a while the bell rang, and I picked up all my stuff.

*skip to lunch*

The bell rang and it was finally time for lunch. I went into the cafeteria and stood in line for food. There was so many choices to choose from, but today I chose pasta with meat sauce.

I went to my unassigned table and saw Taylor, Cameron, which was weird because he's usually with the popular boys, Macy, Thomas, Bridget, John, (JOHNNN CENAAA!) and Kayla. I sat down next to Kayla and John.

"Hey guys" I said. They all responded lazily.
"Shut up Thomas."
"Hey, wassup, hello!"
Cameron just looked at them all weirdly and whispered to Taylor. Taylor made a pouty face when Cameron got up, kissed Taylor's cheek, and walked to the "popular" table.

Oh, how I hate labels.

"And then there were 7." Macy said.
"Cameron never sits here there's always seven." Thomas replied in a duh tone.
"Stop making those smart-ass comments." Taylor scoffed.
"Woah woah woah! Since when do we cuss!" Bridget exclaimed.
"Sorry, it's just Cameron." Taylor said as we all rolled our eyes.

Cameron, Cameron, Cameron. I mean, she's my best friend I'm happy about it but sometimes she talks about him wayyyy too much.

"Whatever, let's just eat I'm hungry." Kayla said when John nodded.

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