Chapter 2

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I woke up to the smell of pancakes. Oh, mom. She loves to cook. I got up and threw on a sports bra and running pants. (or whatever you call them. i don't run so i wouldn't know) I jogged downstairs to eat. I was starving.

"How did you sleep honey?" My mom asked me.
"Pretty good. And thanks for the pancakes." I replied, already digging into my soft, fluffy pancakes.
"Oh you're welcome sweetie. And you're going for a run again? I feel like you go everyday. You know, if you get too skinny it's bad for you." She informed me.
"Mom, I feel like I need to lose weight and I love running! It helps me concentrate better when I study because it gets all my energy out." I told her, my mouth still full with pancakes.
"Oh alright. And don't talk with your mouth full! It's rude." She scolded me. I laughed.

I devoured my pancakes in under two minutes. Apparently it's not good to scarf down food like I did before a run, but I didn't care.

After I put my dishes in the sink, I grabbed my earphones and phone and slipped my shoes on.

"Thanks for breakfast mom!" I said as I walked out the door. I really didn't feel like running, but I still did. 2 miles wouldn't hurt.

When I got home, I took a shower and changed into a black crop top that said "sleep all day, study all night" and some jeans. I put on a flannel becHzd why not and put on a little foundation, some mascara, and lip gloss. I curled my hair and went downstairs. I figured I would go roller skating, because once again, why not. I decided to invite my friend Macy because Taylor was in NY with her family (they live in Omaha btw, if you hadn't already realized)

"Hey mom, can I go roller skating with Macy?" I asked my mom with pleading puppy dog eyes.
"Sure, but be back by 2."
"Thanks mom!"

It was 10:00, so I had some time. I hopped into my car and texted Macy to come.

Me: Hey. Wanna come roller skate with me? If you're not busy...
Macy: Can't. At Jason's house :(
Me: It's fine. See ya
Macy: Byee

Macy was with her boyfriend. I swear all my friends have boyfriends except me. It's so annoying. Maybe because I'm just average. Nothing special.. Oh whatever. I decided to just go alone.

*skip drive*

When I got there, of course Johnson and all the popular boys were there. Everytime I go somewhere the boys are always there! Maybe it's a sign... I just shrug off that thought and went to the counter to get my roller skates. I put them on, and started skating.

I was a pretty good skater. But this one kid zoomed in front of me, and I lost balance and fell. I would've probably broken something, but someone caught me. I turned around to see the one and only Jack Gilinsky. He's not Johnson, but I'd sure take him in a heartbeat. Or, in 2. I'd take Johnson in a heartbeat.

"Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to fall on you." I said while I turned the color or a tomato.
"It's cool, i don't really mind it." He chuckled. God, his laugh is so cute.
"Well thanks for catching me." I giggled.
"No problem. So I wanted to ask you, since you seem nice, if you wanted to come and skate with my friends and I?"
"Oh, uhm, I mean, sure!"
"Cool. Come on."

He led me over to where he was skating with the boys. Johnson was there...

"Ay who's this cutie you brought Gilinsk?" Sammy asked. I blushed.
"Her name is.. Urh, uhh..." Jack G stuttered. I just laughed. He then whispered to me.
"What's your name?"
"Lily." I told him.
"Her name is Lily." He announced
"As in the flower?"Johnson asked.
"Well no shit Sherlock." Nate said and I laughed.
"Yeah, as in the flower." I said.
"Alrighty then. So you guys hungry? I'm up for some pizza." Johnson said while the guys cheered. I just sat there laughing at their enthusiasm.
"You got a problem with my voice?!" Gilinsky yelled.
"Maybe. But Sammy's voice is by far the weirdest." I said, teasing.
"I thought you liked me! Meanie." Sammy pouted like a 3 year old.
"Never have, never will."

The guys laughed as Sammy sat in silence.

"You'll pay for what you said flower girl." Sammy narrowed his eyes at me.
"Sureee. You know you're not supposed to hit a girl!"
"Well you're a woman. So therefore, I get to punch you." Sammy smirked. I scoffed in response.

"Alright alright. Anyways, pepperoni or cheese?" Johnson asked.

We all said pepperoni. Johnson came back with 3 large pepperoni pizzas. The boys inhaled their slices, while I slowly cut and ate my pizza.

"Who the hell eats pizza with a fork?" Johnson asked.
"I do, dummy. I thought you could see. Guess not." I shrugged.

Johnson just gave me the evil eye the rest of the time we ate. By the time I finished my one slice, all the pizza was gone. Damn, who knew these guys could eats so much.

"Alright, let's get back to skating!" Nate said. I ran to the arena and started skating. After a while, I looked at the time and realized I had to go.

"Alright guys. I gotta go home now." I said.
"Wait, we'll give you our numbers so we can stay in touch. You seem like a chill girl." Gilinsky said.
"HEAR THAT WILK? IM A GIRL!" I screeched. Sammy gave me a glare letting me know he'll get me back.

After we exchanged numbers, I waved bye and hopped in my BMW. I sped home to get there on time, and right when I walked in, the clock displayed 2:00.

Right on time.

I went upstairs and took my makeup off. I changed into a large t-shirt and sweats. I hopped into bed and immediately fell asleep.

When I woke up, it was 11:30pm. CRAP! I didn't study for that huge test tomorrow. So I stayed up till 4:30 studying then went to bed. Ugh, school.

Weird ending ik but gotta end it somehow. So I'm kinda rushing like she already met the guys and it's just the second chapter oops! Whatever. lol.

Spacing edited but it still sucks 👌🏼

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