Chapter 8

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YOU GUYS SHOULD REALLY LISTEN TO WOLVES (YOU GOT ME) BY DREAMERS!! Maybe I should do song recommendations at the beginning of chapters? Yes or no...

I woke up to a loud SMACK. What the actual frick?

I went downstairs to see Johnson laying on the ground. (ik the guest room was downstairs but let's just pretend that it was upstairs okay? okay.)

"Shut up Lily." He groaned.

I just laughed in response.

I took a look around to see a bunch of fruit on the floor and pancakes on the counter.

"Were you.. trying to make breakfast?"
"BEKFAST!" He screamed.
"Yea, breakfast. Were you trying to make breakfast?"
"Well..," I nodded my head towards the floor, "at least you tried."
"Shut up, I was trying to be nice."
"Well now we have to clean up all this fruit on the floor cause you were being an idiot."
"An idiot who was trying to do something nice!"
"So a cliché idiot, yes."

He shook his head at me and got up.

We started picking up the pieces of fruit on the floor, and because we didn't want to waste it, we put all the fruit in a strainer and washed (or rinsed whatever you guys think fits better) the fruit.

After washing it, I put some on both stacks of pancakes that were practically screaming our names, wanting to be eaten.

"Bon appetite." Johnson said in a horrible French accent. He didn't even say the right word.

"Stupid it's 'bon appétit,' not 'bon appetite!'"

He stayed silent for a while until he spoke up, very quietly may I add.

"is it too late now to say.. sorry?"
"No, I didn't know that. You never told me."
"Well it should be obvious, do I look like I like Justin Bieber?"

He took a good look at my face, concentrating hard.

"Nope can't tell, sorry I can't read your mind." He rolled his eyes.
"Oh do be quiet Mr. Johnson."
"Exsqueeze me?" He sassed.
"I am a strong, muscular, intellegent WOMAN!" He said in a girly voice.
"Hmmm girls don't usually, have, oh how do you say, THAT." I pointed my finger at his face.

He was flabbergasted. (am i the only one who loves that word)

"You mean THIS beaut?" He pointed at his face.
"You mean that piece of GARBAGEEEEEEE!"
"I'll have you know, my mom thinks I am adorable."
"Well she's the only one." I challenged.

He just gave me the silent treatment. I shrugged. Whatever.

I continued to eat my pancakes quietly. But I decided it was too quiet. I went upstairs, leaving Johnson very confused, and retrieved my phone. I came back to see Johnson still eating his pancakes.

Johnson seemed tired. Someone needed to wake up.

I unlocked my phone with my fingerprint and went to the music app. I turned my phone off silent, and turned the volume up to the max.

I found a random Skrillex song that I didn't even know I had. This'll work.

I turned the volume back down low to wait for the beat to drop, and right when it was about to I paused the song, and turned the volume back up to the max.

"Wakey wakey Johnson baby!"

I pressed play, and Johnson literally jumped out of his seat. I paused the song and started laughing hysterically.

"JESUS F**KING CHRIST LILY WHAT THE F**K IS WRONG WITH YOU ARE YOU F**KING INSANE I'M PRACTICALLY DEAF RIGHT NOW WHAT THE F**K!!!!!!!!!!" He screeched at the top of his lungs, his face red with rage.

I continued to laugh, my face red because of all the laughing. I clutched my stomach in pain. Still gettin' that ab workout though.

Johnson shook his head.

" you.....get.....for treatment." I managed to say through fits of laughter.

All of a sudden I hear my phone ring. I get up, trying to control myself. I answer the phone, knowing Macy is the contact name.

I couldn't really make out what she was saying because she was crying, but I did get three specific words.

Taylor. Car. Crash.

Cliffhanger I guess haha I'm not good at this. Anyways, sorry this is a really short chapter and it's boring and I haven't updated in forever SORRY!!!!!!! But anyways hope you guys are having an amazing day!!

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