Chapter 18

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Song of the Chapter: Finish Line/Drown - Chance the Rapper. This song is so beautiful I want to cry.


*skip wake up, preparation and drive to school* (it gets really repetitive)

I got to school on time today. I met my friends at my locker, and we decided to go somewhere tonight, since it's Friday. And Taylor actually came to school today.

"Hey guys! So what are we planning on doing today?" I asked them.
"We don't know yet. I was thinking bowling?" Macy said.
"Nah, that's too generic. What about an arcade?" Thomas stated.
"That's even more generic you idiot!" Kayla rolled her eyes. The rest of us snickered.
"What about.. Top Golf?" John asked. (If you guys don't know what it is it's a golf place, but like not really.. just google it. It's actually pretty cool.)
"Ew no!" I laughed.
"We can go to six flags!" Taylor exclaimed. Then we all looked at Bridget. Last time she went on a roller coaster she almost fell off, and ever since she's despised them.
"Guys! We can go to a trampoline park! Those are really fun!" I said.
"Oh yeah! I love those!" John smiled.
"Me too!" Bridget laughed.
"We all love those!" Taylor spoke for the rest of them.
"It's settled then! Let's meet up at that one trampoline park by the Target at 5:30. And you guys gotta pay for yourself I'm not paying." I laughed.

After I said that, the bell rang. We all said our goodbyes and walked off to our separate classes.

*skip school*

I raced home, excited. I can't wait to go to the trampoline parks! They're super fun. There's a bunch of trampolines in a big row, and you can also play basketball, dodgeball, and there's obstacle courses. They're really fun.

Since I'm going to be jumping around a lot, it wouldn't be wise to wear jeans. So I decided to wear some athletic shorts and a regular tank top.

It was only four, so I had about an hour to spare. I decided to watch The Walking Dead. (tbh i hate that show. sue me why don't ya?! jk don't i ain't got no money)

When I finished the episode, it's was 5:12. I turned the TV off, put on some vans, grabbed my phone, and walked out the door.

"Bye mom!" I yelled as I walked out the door. I heard a faint "have fun" behind the door.

I skipped to my car in a really good mood. Even thought finals are next week, it's good to kick back and have some fun.

I put the keys in the ignition and let the car start. The radio automatically turned on, playing Can't Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake. I started singing the wrong lyrics and dancing around.

I opened the window. The air was nice and cool; it was 63 degrees. Even though it was about to be summer, a cool front came in last night so it's real nice. Better enjoy it while I can.

I pulled up to a stoplight.

"LILY! THOSE AREN'T THE LYRICS!" I turned to see Thomas telling at me and Macy laughing in the passenger seat.

I laughed too and waved at them. The light turned green, and I sped off. I yelled "BUH BYE!" and heard a grunt, probably from Thomas. I laughed again.

Soon I was at the trampoline park. It was called Jumps 4 Fun. How cheesy.

I got out and locked my car, meeting John and Bridget on the way in.

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