Chapter 10

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^^tbh johnson looks SOOOO hot in this photo. anyone remember that "pop-up ads be like" vine? because same.

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I woke up on the couch, darkness surrounding me.

I got up and walked to the kitchen to check the time. The digital clock located on the oven read 01:16.

I guess Johnson prefers army time as to regular time. (I don't remember if it was Johnson's or Lily's house so just make it Johnson's and that Jack's mom said it was okay for Lily to stay the night, okay? okay)

Since I had went to sleep around 4:00, I got around 8 hours of sleep, so I wasn't tired.

Johnson seems to like pranks, so yeah. I decided to prank him.

I decided on doing the vacuum-cleaner prank, where you get a vacuum cleaner, put it on someone's face, preferably the lips, and turn it on, sucking the person's lips, nose, cheek, etc.

I wandered around the house, opening and closing random doors, trying to find a vacuum-cleaner.

"AHA! Found one." I whisper-yelled to myself quietly.

I tiptoed upstairs, making sure to not wake up Jack or his mother.

I slowly open his door, creaking voices chattering as I did so. (that probably didn't make sense sorry)

I walked over to his bed, holding the vacuum-cleaner. I placed the sucking part on his lips, then turned it on.

Jack immediately woke up, trying to pry the vacuum off of him.

Once he did so, I turned it off and started laughing.

"LILY WHY DID YOU DO THAT!" He screamed.
"SHHHHHH!" I shushed him, "YOUR MOM IS SLEEPING!" I informed the sleepy Jack.
"Oops," He giggled, "she's a heavy sleeper anyway."
"Doesn't matter."

He didn't seem that angry.

Jack glanced over at his alarm clock, and whispered to me.

"Why are you up so early? Did you plan this?"
"No, it's just that I fell asleep early so I woke up early." I shrugged.
"I call bull." He sneered.

Well, there goes his nice side.

"Hey, calm down. At least I didn't pour ice-cold water all over you."
"True." He admitted.
"Let's go downstairs. You woke me up, now you're making me breakfast."
"I can't cook, and there's no place open at this hour!"
"McDonalds." He replied.
"Ugh fine, I'll get you McDonalds, McJerkface."
"HEY! You're the jerk here."
"Hay, is for horses." I smirked. He just scoffed.

We tiptoed downstairs, and I grabbed Johnson's keys that were sitting on the counter.

"HEY! I drive." He pouted.
"Hay is for horses!" I shrugged.
"Seriously Lily? You can't come up with any other joke than that."
"Prove it." He challenged.
"First, breakfast."
"You're just gonna think of random, crappy jokes on the way, but okay." He agreed.

We drove to McDonalds in dead silence. And no, I was NOT thinking about jokes! I have good jokes.

When we got there, Johnson told me he wanted an order of hotcakes and sausage with orange juice. What a little kid. I decided on the mini cinnamon rolls, cause those are the BOMB.COM!

We soon arrived back at home, since McDonalds is only 5 minutes away from Johnson's house.

I set my food on the table, when Johnson asked to see if I had any jokes.

"Okay, fine."
"Give me a joke."
"How did the frog die last night?" (creds to anybody who knows that vine)
"I don't know, tell me."
"He KERMIT, suicide!" I exclaimed, emphasizing the word kermit, or commit.
"What a lie." He shook his head.
"Like you can do any better." I scoffed.
"As a matter of fact, I can! Why did the cow cross the road?"
"To get to the other side, duh."
"Nope, that's the chicken. He crossed the road to get to the MOOOOVIES!"
"Your jokes are worse than mine."
"Stop telling lies, Lily."
"Are too."
"Am not."
"Are too."

As you can imagine, this went on and on.

"Whatever, let's just stop this childish game of yours." I decided to be the big man- or big woman- (running mAN?! WHY NOT RUNNING GIRL?! IM TRIGGEREEEEED sorry it's a vine) and stop this game. Or was it better man.. who cares anyway.

"Yeah.. I was about to say the same thing." He admitted shyly.
"I think we should go to the mall."
"Did you forget? It's like 2am."
"Oh yeah.." I trailed off.

I just really wanted to go to the mall, like the average teenage girl. Because that's what I am.

"You're not average, you're actually so much more." Johnson smiled. I smiled back.
"I'm thinking out loud again, aren't I." I questioned myself.
"Indeed so."
"Tis quite." I said in and English accent. Johnson laughed.

I like to make people smile.

"Maybe we can go to the mall later??"
"Sure. But in the meantime, what do you wanna do?"

I thought for a while.

"Movies?" Johnson asked.
"Great idea." I smiled.

We decided on Run Fatboy Run, a comedy classic. Then we watched The Three Stooges, one of Johnson's favorites. Then we watched Bad Grandpa, which made me fall off the couch because of laughter, and we almost woke up Johnson's mom. Our movie night was concluded with Get Hard, which was pretty good.

"Alright, since it's almost 10:00, you should start getting ready because we're going to the mall!"
"Yay!" I squealed in a childish manner.

I quickly ran upstairs, only to realize that this wasn't my house, and that all the clothes I had were dirty.

I raced back downstairs to find Johnson raiding his own fridge.

"Uhh, Johnson? I need to go back to my house. I don't have any clothes."
"Oh yeah, that's right," Johnson slapped his forehead, "duh!"

Johnson closed the fridge empty-handed and we got into his car.

We drove down the road until we reached my house.

I got out of the car, and told Johnson I'd be back in a few. He nodded, and I went inside.

I was greeted by a bat, which was knocked upon my head.

I immediately fell to the floor.


Hey guys! I updated because I hurt my leg, so I was at home, bored. It was surprising; the whole time I wrote the chapter I had no pain, it was like the writing relieved the pain in my leg! But anyways, cliffhanger! And ari_926 's book got to 100 reads! Only 400 to go.. 😒 Kinda
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