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(I forgot to say that Brandon is in the story so we're gonna add him in now)

*Brandon's POV*

I knew that Hunter went on a date with a new girl. I didn't know who she was though. When I saw her open the door for Hunter on Friday night I saw her a little bit. That tall girl with long brown hair and green eyes. I assumed she was nice because she couldn't stop smiling when she saw Hunter.

When Hunter came home he looked really happy so I'm assuming that everything went good with them. I'm happy for Hunter but when Blake came over yesterday I knew that something was going on. Hunter stayed in his room with Blake with the door shut. I stood outside the door eavesdropping.

"what I know happened is that you look her in the eyes and then talked to her and then hugged her when you left. you were obviously trying to get some connection with her"


Blake trying to get the girl that Hunter went out with?

When I heard someone grab the doorknob to Hunter's room I ran, I wanted to make sure they didn't know that I was listening to what they were saying.

But what's going to happen between Hunter and Blake now? They're going to fight because they both like the same girl? This is like a teen chick flick when the girls get into arguments because they both like the same boy.

*Cat's POV*

Today's a new day.

I miss Hunter.

He was such a kind boy, and I feel bad for telling him that grow up and lose the jealousy.

Today I'm going to Hunter's house to talk to him.

I change into a black and white adidas sweatshirt with ripped up black leggings and black and white adidas all stars.

I was ready to go

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I was ready to go.

I ran downstairs and saw my mom in the kitchen.

"I'm going to Hunter's house I'll be back in a little bit"

"okay have fun" mom said smiling.

I look both ways to check for cars and cross the street.

I walked up to the front door and took a deep breath.

I knocked on the door and I waited for someone to answer.

The door opened.

"Hi Mrs. Rowland"

"oh please dear call me Christine"

"Okay, Christine, is Hunter home?"

"Yes, he's in his room, you can go upstairs and it's the last door on the right"

"thank you" I said smiling.

I walked upstairs and found the last door to the right and knocked.

"come in" came from the inside.

I slowly opened the door to see Hunter on his phone in his bed.

He slowly turns around.


"mhm" I said smiling and giggling.

"oh my god, what are you doing here?"

"I wanted to talk to you,"

I walked over the the other end of his bed and I sat down.

"is it okay that I sit with you?" I asked.

"of course" Hunter responded.

"okay I'm gonna start... I'm sorry that I made you feel bad. I know, I know, I know, I shouldn't of. I now know that YouNow is a huge part of your life, but all I wanted to know was that it was a part of your life. How was I supposed to know if you didn't tell me?"

"well how did you find out?" Hunter cut me off.

"Well I called my friend Lauren from Florida, and when I told her I was going on a date with you she freaked out and told me all about you"

Hunter looked surprised.

"continue" he said.

"but all I really wanna say is that I'm sorry for making you jealous. Blake is the only other person that I somewhat had a connection to, and I needed to talk to somebody"

"and that hug, it was a friendly, thank you for listening to me hug, I don't wanna date Blake. I wanna stay with you. Our first date was amazing and I wanna continue that bond"

Hunter looks down at his hands.

"so is everything between us okay now? I explained everything."

"everything is perfect" Hunter said smiling and the smiling that appeared on my face could not leave.

I leaned in and hugged Hunter really tight.

"thank you" I said smiling.

"no need to thank me"

"Do you wanna go hangout at the park now?"

"definitely" Hunter said smiling.

I stood up and he grabbed my hand

Butterflies fluttered through my stomach.

We walked downstairs together.

"mom I'm going to the park with Cat, we'll be back soon"

And we walked outside.

"thank you Hunter,"

"for what?" Hunter looks at me seriously.

"for being there for me when nobody wanted anything to do with me when I moved here, for wanting to actually go out with me, for taking me to little things like the park, and taking me on a date"

"well I have one more thing you can thank me for" Hunter said smirking.

"and what would that be?"
I said giggling.

And he leaned in.

He kissed me.


ayeeeee Hunter and Cat are back togetherrrr.

Here another chapter I hope you enjoyed if you see this.

Thank you for reading;)

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