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my first class was science.
great, I get to blow things up first thing in the morning.

I walk into my class and sit down, I'm one of the firsts in the room.

my teacher, Mrs. Chaser was tall with blonde hair and heels. she was pretty young but you never know with people these days of their age.

a group of kids scrambled through the door and I heard that voice shouting "ayeeee it's girllll wassup girllll," and right away I already knew who it was


"my name isn't girl for your information" I said sassily

"I know Catalina, I'm sorry" he said laughing.

"don't call me Catalina, I'm Cat okay? does that fit through your brain correctly? Cat. do I need to spell it?
C-A-T like the animal... meow
does it work now?" I responded angrily.

"okay girl chill"

"STOP CALLING ME GIRL BOI" I start shouting.

"are we having a problem over here" Mrs. Chaser asked.

"as long as he's leaving I don't have a problem at all" I said rolling my eyes.

Jay rolled his eyes too and walked away to his seat.

*Jay's POV*

"dang that girls got some sass" I said to myself.

"and Hunter likes her why...? just because she's hot?

omg did I just call cat hot?"

"JAY!" Mrs. Chaser says waking me up from my daydream.

"whaaa" I said so out of whatever was just happening.

"pay attention or one more time you will have detention with me after school on Friday"

"yes yes, sorry Mrs. Chaser"

back to what I was saying...

I mean she is pretty and all with her green eyes, brown hair and edgy style... but am I really gonna tell that to Hunter...?

I mean he's my best friend, I can't hurt him like that.


*Cat's POV*


why are they so difficult? like seriously guys why do you do the things you do?

I was just counting down the minutes till this class was over.

I don't know what it is but I keep getting this feeling of like happiness... and then it turns to overwhelming.

what's wrong with me?

*lunch period*

i was sitting by myself until all of a sudden these two girls walk up to me.

they sat next to me.


"I'm Ingrid and that's Andie"

I just waved.

"do you mind if we sit with you?"

I just shrugged my shoulders.

next thing I know there's a tap on my shoulder.

I turn around to see a very smiley boy.

I jumped up and hugged him.


"you seem kinda happy to see me" he said laughing.

"you don't even understand"

he whispers in my ear.

"why are you with Ingrid and Andie?"

"I don't know they came over here"

he laughed, "come," he said holding his hand out.

"you can sit with me and my friends"

I take his hand and we walked to the table Hunter normally sits at.

all because of Hunter Rowland my life is changing crazily.

Thanks for moving to Arizona mom, I'm not hating it so much anymore.

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