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the lunch bell rang and I looked at my schedule to look for my next class.



I walk into class and so far none of the boys are in my class.

and then there's Blake.


I have the best luck.

"hey it's Cat" Blake said to the people he was walking and talking with.

I just gave a friendly wave and smile.

"hey" Blake said as he sat in the chair next to me.

"hi" I said blushing a little.

"alrighty students, please take out your textbook and open to page 642 and open to your notes section of your notebook and copy the notes,"

I look in my purse and grab my math notebook and textbook, but I can't seem to find a pencil.

Blake sees me struggling.

he put a pencil on my desk.

"I gotchu pal" he says laughing.

"thanks tons" I said laughing back.

I start copying my notes as the teacher talks.

and then I hear something I definitely didn't want to hear.

"so we have a new student today and her name is Catalina, so as we always do when we have a new student we will ask Cat to come up here and introduce herself to the class"

my eyes got wide.

Blake gave me a teasing push to walk up into the front of the classroom.

"no! no! I don't wannaaaa" I whined to Blake.

"the faster you do it the faster it ends"

my eyes squinted.

"thanks wise man" I said being sarcastic.

"okay sooo, I'm Catalina but I go by Cat, so yeah I'm Cat and I just moved here from Florida and I'm hoping to..." and I was cut off by listening to Blake whisper to another boy.

"yeah that's the girl that Hunter likes"

I blushes super hard.

"and I hope to have a fresh start in this new school"

the class applauded and I went back to my seat.

"thanks for that Cat!" the math teacher says.

I smiled.

"nice job Cat" Blake said laughing.

"nice enough for you to listen instead of talking about me to whatever he is" I said pointing to the boy he was talking to.

the whole class filled with "oooohs" and "burnnnnn"

I wasn't trying to hurt Blake in any kind of way but i knew he was lying for the second that he said good job. he wasn't even listening.

I rolled my eyes and turned back to the board to see what the teacher was writing.

before I even knew it, the bell rang and it was time for me to get out of here.

I went to my locker and put a couple books in there and grabbed my phone from my bag and headed out to find the bus.

I got to the bus and sat in the seat I sat in from this morning.

I see Hunter and Jay approach the bus and run up the stairs and down the aisle to the seat across from me.

"can I see with you?" Hunter asks.

"ooh get it Hunter!"

I blushed, "shut up jay" Hunter said and I nodded.

I moved over to the inside of the seat and made room for Hunter.

Hunter put his backpack on his lap and sat in the seat next to me.

"what's up cutie"

I couldn't stop blushing.

sorry for not updating!! it's been a while but I'm back hopefully updating a couple times a week😇

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