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after I answered to the little one they started asking me questions.

"what's yo name pretty thang" the tall one says and I just rolled my eyes.

"Cat" I said

"like the animal?" the tall one asks.

the little hits the big one "dude don't be rude"

I giggled.

"yes like the animal but it's short for my real name"

"well what's your real name?" the little one said smiling all sweet like.

"that's a secret you shall never know" I said smirking and laughing a bit.

as I said that the bus rolled
up from the corner and stopped in front of us.

the little guy and the tall one, who's names I still don't know, sat together.

the little guy tapped the seat on the other side of the bus motioning for me to sit next to him.

I sat and put my bag next to me in the other side.

"so what are your names anyway?"

"I'm Jay" the big one says.

and I looked at the little one waiting for an answer.

"dude!" Jay said cuz little guy wasn't paying attention... or was he?

"oh sorry! I'm Hunter... Hunter Rowland"

"Hunter Rowland you say?" I'll remember that.

-at school-

i put my phone in my pocket and picked up my book bag and pulled out my schedule.

homeroom 111 I'm coming for you... Cat's on her way!

I finally found my destination downstairs. I walked into the room and I froze in my own tracks.

"Hunter?" I asked.
he was laughing with his friends but all of a sudden he stopped laughing and turned around all suspenseful and stared at me.

"Cat?" he asked

I looked down, blushed, and giggling a bit.

"yeah it's me" I said smiling.

"aye guys this is Cat! she's new" he said to the people he was laughing with from before.

I just waved.

I'm not a very social person, or as people would say, antisocial.

"come sit!" Hunter said and pointed to a chair right next to him.

and then all of a sudden I get those butterflies in my stomach and my heart starts pounding.

what is the matter with me!?

you scream in your head.

I don't think my self motivation helped at all but I went for it anyway.

I sat in the chair next to Hunter and started to talk to the people he was hanging out with.

"I'm Brandon, I'm Hunter's little brother" this guy says.

"wait... Hunter?"

"yeah Cat?"

"There's a baby Hunter?"

"what?" Hunter seemed confused.

"you have a little brother?"

"oh yeah that's Brandon and I have an even smaller brother, his name is Ashton.

the announcement came on for the rest of the day.

"basketball tryouts will be after school. volleyball club with be in the gymnasium. and lastly the girls softball team is leaving the school early for their game away from home. everybody have a good day!

the announcements ending and the teacher started talking.

"okay let's take attendance before the bell rings"

she starts reading off a list.










I responded to the teacher with "here... but I go by Cat"

"Cat... okay I'll remember that" the teacher said with a smile.



okay when the bell rings you may be dismissed.

the bell rang and I walked towards the door.

Hunter catches up to me, "Catalina?" he says.

"save it pretty boy" I said and laughed while walking down the hall.

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