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from Cat~

I'm in New York City.

H~ are you near the school?

C~ should be there in a few minutes.

H~ I know your upset, I can feel your emotions through the text, please don't be upset, I love you too much to see you upset, okay? okay. (The fault in our stars sorry lol) go make me proud, have fun, I love you 🙈💭💕

C~ thanks boo I'll try to my hardest to make your proud, I love you more I'll call you tonight I love you xx💋

okay she's safe.

I'm okay now knowing she's safe in the city with her mom.

I'll talk to her tonight, I'll have to get used to that.

Man, I miss her already.

I think it's just the mental image of knowing I can't see her every night.

Ugh Catalina I miss you.

*Cat's POV*

I miss Hunter.

I miss his smiley little face, I miss his brothers and mama Rowland, I just know it's going to different not being home now.

But this is my new lifestyle so I have to get used to it.

*a couple hours later*

I got my keys and got into my dorm room.

When my mom helped me bring all the boxes and bags in she left.

"You'll be fine sweetie, remember that I love you and you can call me whenever you want, no limits" she kissed my forehead and closed the door.

I unpacked a couple of boxes and set up my bed.

cute decorative pillows and fluffy blanket

Deze afbeelding leeft onze inhoudsrichtlijnen niet na. Verwijder de afbeelding of upload een andere om verder te gaan met publiceren.

cute decorative pillows and fluffy blanket.

I like tumblr goals and o try to follow them because I think they are just too cute.

After I finished setting up my bed I pulled out my laptop and FaceTimed Hunter.

When I see his face pop up on my computer screen I have an instant smile.

"What's up baby girl"

"I miss you already" I frown a little.

"I miss you too but there's a surprise for you.." He smiled.

"What surprise?"

I look down at my neck and see that I already have the necklace that he gave me.

"what are you talking about?" I said quiet toned and curious.

"Look in your purple duffle bag, I put it in there to make sure you didn't know until you were at school" Hunter said winking.

I saw a box.

"How did you manage to get this in here without me knowing?"

"I have my ways" he said laughing.

I opened the box and see a beautiful blue-stoned ring.

"Oh my gosh Hunter this is beautiful"

Deze afbeelding leeft onze inhoudsrichtlijnen niet na. Verwijder de afbeelding of upload een andere om verder te gaan met publiceren.

"Oh my gosh Hunter this is beautiful"

"That's a promise ring, you put that ring on and you promise me that no matter the miles between us, nothing about us will change"

I slipped the ring on my finger and the smile on Hunter's face would not leave.

"I promise" and I blew a kiss towards the computer screen.

I yawned and Hunter did a few seconds after.

"Okay go get some sleep princess, text me as soon as you wake up, goodnight I love you" Hunter said and blew a kiss.

"Okay goodnight baby boy, I love you too" and blew a kiss.

I hung up the call and shut my laptop.

I scrambled myself under the fuzzy blanket and fell fast asleep, until the next morning.


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