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"honey I promise you'll be fine. high school here is going to treat you the same as it did back in Florida" mom told me before school started.

I'm starting a new school, in high school... that's scary.

I jumped into the shower and picked out the outfit I wanted to wear for my first day of school.

not only is it a new school... it's a new state so everything is new and I'm definitely not used to it... at all.

I choose ripped jeans, a maroon sweatshirt, and white converse to wear for my first day.

I don't dress up so I choose to stay comfortable in my clothes.

"Cat you better get to sleep you have to get up early in the morning for school" my mom yelled to me up the stairs.

I set an alarm on my phone for 6:00 because the bus picks me up at 7. I put my phone on the nightstand and get into bed and wrap myself in the covers. I turned the lamp off and before I even knew it, my alarm was going off telling me I needed to get up.

the phone kept going off until I was annoyed enough to shut it off and actually get out of bed.

I put on the clothes I had picked out from last night and turned my hair straightener on.

while I wait for the straightener to heat up I walk downstairs to the kitchen and make myself a bowl of cereal for breakfast.

I heard footsteps coming from the stairs.

"good morning sweetie" my mother greeted me.

"morning" I responded back to her.

I put my cereal bowl in the sink when I finished and walked back upstairs to finish my hair.

I run the hot purple straightener over my dark brunette hair till it was straighten enough to make me happy. finally I turned the straightener off and put a SnapBack on.

I put on my converse and grab my bad and phone and walked towards the door.

"today shall be interesting" I said to myself. "definitely something different"

"BYE MOM" I screamed letting her know that I was leaving the house.

"BYE CAT HAVE A GOOD DAY" she yelled back.

I walked outside and looked at the corner my stop was supposed to be at.

there were 2 boys standing there.

one was very tall and had dark eyes and dark hair, the other was shorter with brown hair and green eyes. he was kinda cute but I didn't wanna say anything.

as they see me at the corner the taller hits the other on the shoulder and starts whispering something in his hear. soon, the little one starts rolling his eyes but the other one is giggling.

what does this mean?

when all the cars finished passing throughout the street I crossed and stood on the opposite end of the street, but the boys started walking towards my way. I dug my head into my phone so it didn't seem like I was looking at them.

"what up girlllll" the tall one said.

I just gave a nasty smirk.

"heyyy cutieee" the small one said.

I blushes a little but I tried to hide it.

"hi" I said with a gigantic smile spreading across my face.

maybe this school wouldn't be so bad after all.

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