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*Cat's POV*

3 weeks after graduation (June 11th)


"Okayyyy" I mumbled back.

I walk outside in my flannel pajama pants and oversized t-shirt, while my hair is in a messy bun at the top of my head.

I'm 17 years old now and I'm about to be 18 on July 7th.

I go to the mail box and pull out a couple envelopes.

I look through...

School letter...

I walk into the house and look at the letter.

"Everything okay Cat?" Mom asked.


"Dear Catalina Smith,

Catalina, we are pleased to say that we are proud to be accepting you to our school, New York University beginning in the fall semester. We hope that you are very happy and we are happy to see you in the fall"

My mouth dropped.

"Is everything okay?" Mom asked.


"CAT THATS AMAZING. IM SO PROUD OF YOU" mom says hugging me tightly.

I run upstairs and call Hunter to tell him to come over to tell him the happy news.


Huntahh🙈❤️~ what's up baby girl?

Catt💭💕~ I need to talk to you, can you come over in a couple minutes?

Huntahh🙈❤️~ of course, is everything okay?

Catt💭💕~ yeah, it's happy news.

Its happy news Cat, it's happy news.

*Hunter's POV*

Cat had happy news, that's good but I seriously have no clue what she's going to say. I'm a little nervous but Cat knows what she's usually saying so I'm sure this is something good for her.

I threw on sneakers and started walking my way to Cat's house.

I knocked on the door three time and walked in.

"Cat?!" I asked.

"Upstairssss" Cat responses.

"Hunter, come sit" she says and pat a spot next to her on her bed.

This definitely doesn't mean something good.

"I don't know how to say this to you lightly, this is good for me, promise me you'll understand that"

This definitellllyyyyy doesn't mean something good.

"Hunter," she said putting her hand on my thigh, "I got accepted to NYU, I'm going to college"

"Oh my god Cat, that's amazing" I said hugging her so tight that she could barely breathe.

"Umm.. Hunter... Kinda need to breathe"

"Oh right, sorry" I said laughing and letting go.

"I'm proud of you, honestly, I'm sad that we're going to be separated, but I know this is great for you, and we're going to make this work... You have to promise me that we'll make a long distance relationship work, I wanna stay with you Cat, even if your miles away"

"Hunter, of course we're going to make a long distance relationship work, I love you" she said leaning in for a kiss.

"But I'm definitely gonna miss you"

"We have to get all the hugs in that we can now, so that when I'm gone it won't hurt as bad"

"Oh Cat, please don't cry" I said hugging her as I see her eyes fill up with tears.

"It's gonna be okay, we're gonna be okay, I'm gonna visit you all the time. I promise, but you have to promise me that you won't flirt with any other boys"

"I promise" she said laughing and hugging back.

"I love you"

"I love you more" and I hugged her even more tight"


"Oh I know you can breathe, just squeeze me back"

"And that's why I love you" she said laughing and squeezing me with her almighty.


I feel like this was so bad lol

Cat's going to college😁

But anyways lol thank you for reading!

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