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"I have a date" I said smiling.

Mom looks impressed.

"with who, if I shall ask"

"His name is Hunter, he lives across the street, he's on my bus and in a couple of my classes" I replied. "we were talking a lot during the day and on the bus on the way home he asked me if I wanted to go out with him this Friday night after school."

"well that's a good day for yah" my said winking and turning away towards the living room.

I walked up to my room and pulled out my laptop. I started doing some homework online until I heard my phone ring. Hunter's photo and name popped up on my phone. I automatically smiled.

"I just saw you twenty minutes ago pretty boy, do you miss my already?" I asked laughing.

"shut up" he said laughing.

"oh my feelings are so hurt" I said sarcastically.

"very funny," he said laughing.

"so what's up?" I asked.

"oh nothing I just wanted to talk" He said and I could feel his smile through the phone.

I hit the FaceTime button on my MacBook and waited for him to realize I was actually calling him to see his face.

"oh wait hold on" Hunter said, causing me to smile because I knew he wasn't expecting my call. Soon, I saw his adorable smile on my computer.

"better?" I asked.

"much" he said giggling.

"so what's up" he asked trying to make conversation.

"nothing much just trying to finish some of this homework" I said.

"sounds like fun" Hunter said sarcastically.

"CATTTT" you could hear my mom yell from the other side of the country.

"hold on" I said to Hunter.

"WHAAAATTTT" I screamed back.

"dinner is finished" she said laughing.

"I gotta go" I said to Hunter.

"awe" Hunter said making a pouty face.

"I'll see you tomorrow" I said and blew him a kiss through the computer camera.

He laughed at winked.

"I'll see you tomorrow"

"until tomorrow"

I ran downstairs to see my mom putting the finishing touches on the dinner plates.

"so tell me more about this Hunter" my mom said.

My entire face turned red and I flushed up with embarrassment.

"wellllllll" I said trying to signal to her that I didn't want to answer the question.

"oh cmon I'm your mom just tell me about him, what he looks like"

"okay well he's tall like 5'8" and he has brown hair and dazzling hazel eyes. He has the sweetest personality and he makes sure everybody else is okay before he is. He cares about everyone else, everyone before himself in his head"

"he sounds like a good guy" my mom says. "I wonder how he would end up with you"

I give my mom a blank stare.

"IM JUST JOKING CALM DOWN" my mom says laughing.

I can't believe she said that.

"yes I don't know either how I ended up with him either, but somehow he did,"

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