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*Cat's POV*

I've been at school for a couple weeks and I miss everybody.

It's been about 7-9 weeks and I really like it, but it's different not having everyone I'm used to around me.

*Hunter's POV*

okay Cat doesn't know that I'm going to surprise her today.

I didn't have any classes for the weekend so I'm flying to New York to see Cat.

I woke up at 6 in the morning for my 11 o'clock flight. I left for the airport at 7 so that I had time to go through check in and security.

I got a text from Cat while I was waiting for the flight for board.

C~ I miss you a little too much right now;(

H~ you don't even understand, I miss you 10x more.

C~ I don't think you do:(

H~ oh believe me, I do


H~ it's okay babygirl I promise we'll see each other soon, really soon


C~ okay😞❤️

H~ I love you sunshine

C~ I love you too

"Flight 207 to Manhattan, New York is boarding all first class members now"

Yes! We're finally boarding.

After first class was finished I walked up and handed my tickets to the lady and walked onto the plane.

The plane ride was short, only a hour.

I landed in New York without even knowing, I think I fell asleep on the plane.

I took a cab from Manhattan to the big city.

I payed the cab driver and looked up how far the school was from my current location.

Ten minutes to walk and I should be there.

I'm coming Cat.

I got to the school and I looked at the list of names to find Cat's room.

I went through them all until found,

Smith, Catalina..... 708

I walked up and down the dorm rooms until I found the 700's.

I called Cat as I found her room and stood outside the door.

*ring ring*

C~ hey

H~ hey are you in your room.

C~ yeah why?

and I knocked on the door.

C~ hold on someone's at the door.

And she opened it and saw my face.

"OH MY GOD HUNTER WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE" she said hugging me tightly.

"I came to surprise you"

"Oh my god" she said as a tear shed from her eyes.

She pulled back and looked me in the eyes.

She giggled and hugged me again.

"I don't like not having you around everyday anymore" she said sadly.

"I don't like it either, but we both need this for ourselves, and we'll have surprises like this, AAAANNNDDDD.." I said exaggerating the and "we'll be together all the time at the end"

"Okay," she said smiling.

"Come in" she said opening up the doorway and laughing.

"Thanks" I said giggling back.

I sat down on her bed and started talking about how New York City was.

She sat beside me and leaned her head on my shoulder while I wrapped my arm around her waist.

"It's good, I actually really like it"

"That's great to hear!" I said happy that she was happy.

"How's Yale?"

"It's good, definitely different then Arizona"

"A good kind of different?"

"A good kind of different."

"Good" she said smiling.

"Sooo is there anything you wanna go out and do?" I asked her.

"Do you wanna grab coffee?"

"Sure" I said smiling.

I took her hand and we walked around the city and we got to Starbucks.

"Thanks for coming to visit" Cat said happily.

"Of course babygirl" I said kissing her.


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