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So today is Saturday and I woke up all I could think of was my date with Hunter last night. We had such a good time.

I check my phone and see that I have a text from him.

~ Huntahh💕

"good morning sunshine😇"

*Hunters pov*

~ Catalinaa💜

"good morning😊"

I asked her how her sleep was and she said it was good.

Today was Saturday and I had plans to hangout with Blake.

we weren't doing anything in particular, probably just going to hang around and maybe watch a movie or play video games or something.

*Cat's POV*

I had no plans for today, probably just going to sit home and watch Netflix like I do ever other day that I don't have plans. Typical girl who doesn't have friends yet.

*12:00 in Hunter's POV*

there was a knock at the door and I knew it was Blake.

"come innn" I screamed from outside because I was too lazy to go downstairs and let him in.

Blake walked into my room.

"what's up dude?"

"nothing much, how bout you bro?"

"nothing, nothing"

"video games?" I asked Blake.

"why don't we go live on YouNow?" Blake suggested and I agreed.

I pulled out my phone and opened up the app. I hit go live and before I knew it there were 3000 people watching the broadcast.

*Cat's POV*

Remember when Lauren told me about that YouNow thingy that Hunter is 'famous' off of? yeah, well I downloaded it into my phone and turned on Hunter's notifications, just to find out that Blake is from YouNow too.

I was just sitting there watching a movie on my laptop when my phone glowed with a YouNow notification. and when I least expected it, I got a notification that Hunter was live. I knew it had to either be Hunter or Blake because they are the only notifications I have on.

I opened a new tab on my computer and went to the YouNow website. I saw that under "my community" Hunter was the only one live. I clicked on his little icon thingy and watched him live.


Don't you think Hunter would have wanted to tell me about this? the fact that he's popular on a live steam app and there's girls flirting with him everyday?

better yet,

he flirts back.

"okay, okay, Cat you can be jealous" I tell myself.

but it would've been nice to know my boyfriend was an icon to a bunch of girls.

wait, wait, he's not my boyfriend.

why am I freaking out?

because I have a thing for him.

I worry about him.

I quickly went to my phone and texted Hunter "hey" just to see what he would say back.

He texts back, "hey I'm kinda busy can I text you later"

this made me so upset, why doesn't he just tell me already?

so I decided I would tell him that I knew for myself.

"busy? you mean talk to a bunch of girls who are trying to flirt with you on a live steaming app?"

I immediately felt stronger now that I got it out.

I look at my computer screen and see his jaw drop.

Didn't expect that Hunter? sorry. (not really)

I continue to watch my computer screen to the two boys are goofing around until Hunter got my text.

"what's the matter?" Blake asked.

I saw Hunter pass his phone to Blake so he could read the text messages.

"guys that's going to be the end of the broadcast for today, I will try to go live as soon as I can" and just like that he ended the broadcast.

*hunters pov*

"busy? you mean talk to a bunch of girls who are trying to flirt with you on a live steaming app?"

wow, I did so not expect that.

sorry Cat...?

i don't know what to even say.

I should've told her earlier, but I was scared of her reaction.

"yo that girl wasn't like that in school" Blake said.

"every girl has two sides I guess" I responded.

"but is this going to ruin whatever we have going on?"

"what do you have going on?" Blake asked.

"Jay didn't tell you?" I asked Blake.

"tell me what?"

I took Cat on a date last night.

"oh my gosh Hunter you have to be kidding me"  Blake said in awe

"no... why?"

"Hunter you know to never ask the new girl out"

"what does the title 'new girl' have to do with anything?" I asked.

it didn't seem like it made a difference to me.

"just don't become the mean boy" Blake said.

"I won't be the mean boy"


this was so sassy to write lol idk if anyone is reading this but if you are, thank you for reading;)))

xoxo~ AriannaRowland❤️

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