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*the day before they leave for college*

*Cat's POV*

I asked Hunter to sleep over so that I could wake up with him next to me the day before we both left for college.

We both had boxes and luggages packed waiting for us, staring at us, basically screaming at us to leave.

I woke up with Hunter's arms wrapped around my waist. I open my eyes and were laying head to head. I see a sleepy Hunter in my face.

I shook him a little bit "wake up sleep head" I said giggling.

He grunted.

"Come on silly" I said giggling more.

"I don't wannaaaaa" Hunter said whining in his raspy morning voice.

I took a pillow and hit him.

"WAKE UP HUNTER BRYCE ROWLAND" I said laughing even harder.

"OKAY CATALINA MAE SMITH IM UP" he said sitting up.

"Good morning" I said squishing his face together and kissing him.

"I love you" Hunter said laughing and kissing me back.

"Come," I said holding my hand out, "I'll make you breakfast"

"Okay mommy" Hunter said laughing as if I was treating him like a child.

"Ha ha very funny" I said sarcastically.

"I loveeeee youuuu" Hunter said as I dragged him down the stairs.

He sat at the island as I began to make eggs and bacon.

As I wait for the eggs to cook I walk over to the island and sit on Hunter's lap.

I laid my head on his shoulder as I watch him scroll through his Instagram, liking and commenting on fan pages.

I checked on the eggs and they were finished.

I put everything on a plate and served it to him.

"Bon appetite"

"gracias"  Hunter said laughing.

"Wrong language boo" I said laughing.

"But I'm cute so it's okay"

"If that's how you think it works" I said laughing.

"Dig in, lemme know if it's good"

He took a bite and looked at me.

"So you can cook?" Hunter said smirking.

"I can make basics" I said laughing.

*a couple hours later*

"Okay, today is your day," Hunter said "whatever you want to do we're gonna do"

"I wanna go see the new scary movie that came out" I said getting all excited.

"I thought you hated scary movies" Hunter said questioningly

"I do, but you'll be there and I can cry into your shoulder if I need to" I said laughing.

"If that's what you want," Hunter said laughing.

I went online and found tickets for a 4:30 movie and ordered two tickets for the middle seats in the theatre.

"I'm taking you out to dinner afterwards" Hunter said smiley.

"Awe no you don't have to do that" I said.

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