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*Hunter's POV*

We fell so that I was face to face with her. I kissed her again. You could never have too many kisses.

"I love you Hunter Bryce Rowland"

"and I love you Catalina Mae Smith"

We turned on a movie and continued to cuddle in my bed until Cat fell asleep

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We turned on a movie and continued to cuddle in my bed until Cat fell asleep.

She fell asleep in my arms, her head on my chest, arms wrapped around me.

This possibly couldn't get any cuter.

She's so adorable when she sleeps.

*next morning in Cat's POV*

I woke up in a familiarly setting but not my usual, I'm at Hunter's.

I turn around to see a sleepy Hunter in my face. I quietly escape the bed and walk into the bathroom to brush my teeth and hair.

"Cat?" I hear Hunter say in his scratchy morning voice.

"I'm in the bathroom" I say.

I see Hunter walk into the bathroom behind me and wrapped his arms around my hips and and lay his head on my back.

"good morning to you too sleepyhead"

He giggled.


"come on sleepy I'll brush your hair too" I said laughing.

I turned around and ran my hairbrush through the front of Hunter's hair.

"thank you" Hunter said.

"come," Hunter said holding his hand out signaling me to grab it, "I'll make you breakfast"

"oh a boy who can flirt and cook" I said jokingly, smirking, and grabbing his hand.

I sat down at the counter and there was a note on the fridge ~

i ran out to do some errands, I have the boys with me
don't blow the house up
xoxo, mom

"alright so mama isn't home so it's just you and I"

and the Hunter started singing 'you and i' by one direction and dancing along.

"your silly" I said.

"I'm just being myself" Hunter said smiling.

I watched him flip pancakes and dance around his kitchen like a maniac.

"bon appite" Hunter said trying to be French.

He served pancakes, with powdered sugar, bananas, and syrup.

"awe Hunter this is so sweet"

"anything for my girl"

that's it

my girl.

I'm Hunter's now, and nobody else's.

"and I appreciate my man... boy"

"why so hesitant?" Hunter asked.

"cuz you not a man yet" I said laughing.

"I CAN ACT LIKE A MAN" Hunter said trying to prove his point.

"you can but you choose not to" I said laughing a little harder.

Hunter made a pouty face.

"But I love you no matter what" I said, kissing him and digging in to the breakfast that Hunter made me.


lol this is so bad but whatevs🖐🏾 thanks for reading!

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