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It's Friday and tonight was my date with Hunter. I was nothing more then extremely excited. I couldn't wait to see the real Hunter come out. His true personality.

it's Friday morning and I need to stop daydreaming because I have to get ready for school. it's 6am and I grabbed a towel to jump into the shower. I take a quick shower and don't even bother washing my hair.

I put on a crop top that is a maroon-purplish color with high wasted ripped jeans. I walked into the bathroom and turned on my hair straight. I put on my black vans and straightened my hair. After my hair is straightened I put on a SnapBack and walk downstairs. I grabbed my backpack and darted for the door.

"BYE MOM" I screamed upstairs.

"HAVE A GOOD DAYY" my mom responded like she does every morning.

I walk outside to see Hunter and Jay on the corner where the bus stop is.

Hunter stands there with his arms wide open.

I ran over and hugged him.

"morning" I said smiling.

"good morning beautiful" he says back causing me to blush.

the bus pulled up and we got in and settled ourselves in the seats towards the back.

Hunter sat with me and left Jay alone.

"trader" Jay says feeling all betrayed.

I giggled.

"go sit with him" I said pointing to Jay.

"but I don't wanna leave you lonely, Jay is a big boy he can handle himself"

"and I'm a big girl who can handle herself too" I said laughing "go sit with your bud... or whatever guys call their friends"

"smarty I see" Hunter said laughing.

"at yah most" I said winking and being cocky.

He laughed shook his head and jumped over one seat so he was sitting with Jay.

"wow bro, she told you" Jay said laughing.

"She might even be the man in the relationship, the stronger one... physically and mentally" Jay said laughing.

I turned around to look at them and I started laughing my head off.

"THANKS JAY" I said laughing and shouting at the same time.

we finally arrived at school and I followed my regular schedule.

When it was finally time for lunch i walked to the cafeteria and sat with Hunter, Blake, Jay, and all of that clique.

Finally school was over. I made my way to the bus and got home safely. I hugged Hunter before I went inside.

"I'll see you later gorgeous" he said smiling.

"see you later" I said smiling really big, blushing, and laughing all at the same time.

"pick you up at 7" Hunter said as I turned away.

"can't wait" I said.

I walked inside and ran upstairs to my room.

I call my old friend Lauren back from Florida.

"LITTLE OLD CAT HOW IS MY BABY" she answers the phone.


amazeballs was always our word. it never really had a meaning but it was just our thing, all best friends have a special thing that nobody else understands right?

she giggled, "why are you so excited?"

"I have a date" I said smiling.

"no way my little catty has a date" she said surprised.

"yes I do, his name is Hunter and he's really cute"

she was silent.

"Lauren...?" I asked wondering if she was still on the phone.

"yeah yeah yeah... I'm here"

"what's the matter?"

"you live in Arizona... and your going out with a guy named Hunter.."

"yeah... is there a problem?"

"do you know his last name?"

"yeah... it's Rowland"

"YOUR GOING OUT WITH HUNTER ROWLAND" she screams into the phone.

"YEAH WHY?! IT THAT A PROBLEM?" I asked screaming back into the phone.


fan girl? YouNow star? famous?


what did I not see in this.

I just thought that Hunter was an innocent little teenager just being dumb in high school.

"umm..." I responded into the phone.

"you don't even know who the famous Hunter Rowland is? you should probably do a background check on your boyfriend before you go out with him" Lauren says.

"okay first of all, he isn't my boyfriend yet, this is our first date it isn't official, and second of all, BACKGROUND CHECK?! you creep nobody does a background check before going on a date"

"what he's your date, but if you seriously are dating 'the' Hunter Rowland you need to tell me all the deets" she says as if she wants to steal my 'boyfriend'

I hung up the phone and grabbed my laptop.


search- Hunter Rowland.

all the google searches are

Hunter Rowland merch
Hunter Rowland abs
Hunter Rowland SnapChat.


I just put in Hunter Rowland and the first website to come up is FamousBirthdays.com



I clicked the link and it brought me to the website. there's a picture of him, his birthday, his age a little biography on how he became 'famous'

I can't believe he didn't tell me this.

I mean it doesn't bother me because obviously I liked him before I even knew, but it would've been nice if he told me.

that's a little bit of a big deal.

I just hope it doesn't get in the way of our relationship.

anyway, I have a date to get ready for,

"got to stop daydreaming so much cat" I said to myself.

and then I went to the shower and got ready.

"tonight will be perfect" I said to myself.

"like no other"

idk if anyone is reading this, but sorry I haven't updated in a couple weeks, here an update😇 I hoped you liked it!❤️ read, vote, comment and enjoy xoxo- AriannaRowland

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