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*The next week in Hunter's POV*


Okay this so annoying right now.

"GET UP HUNTERRR" mama rowland yells at me.

"I don't wannaaaaa" I whine.

"well you have to, idk if you want to or not, you are, get up" and she hit me with a pillow.

"Well okay sassy"

She slowly turned around, "excuse me?"

"NOTHING" I said eyes widening and getting scared.

"That's what I thought, now go take a shower"

I rolled my eyes and turned the shower on.

Cat texted me a few minutes later and I read ~

I have class in 20 minutes, but I just wanted to say be safe on the road and let me know when your at school. Make me proud hon😉 text me when you get there and let me know your okay. I love you xoxo💕

Awe she's so cute.

I messaged back ~

Good luck in class, I'm leaving in a few minutes, I'll text you when I'm there I love you more xoxo❤️

Okay, shower.

I jumped in the shower and quickly washed my hair.

When I was finished I put on jeans and a red t-shirt.

I walked out to the car carrying a duffle bag.

I throw the bag into the trunk and walk back into the house. I hugged Brandon and Ashton and told them I was going to miss them and they can call me whenever they want.

We got back into the car and Mama Rowland starts the engine. I take a deep breath and we're ready to go.


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