Chapter 14

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My wrists ache from trying to free myself from the handcuffs. The man in yellow, whoever he is, brought me to an old abounded warehouse. Very cliche. I wish this was a dream, and that I could wake up. But it's not.

How did this happen to me?

I'm young and smart, I have a great job, a happy life. This kind of stuff isn't supposed to happen to me!

I feel hot tears stream down my face. Maybe I deserve this.

Then a bright flash of yellow appears and I flinch. The man in yellow stands in front of me.

"Hello....Caitlin." He says. My heart beats quickly. I scan my eyes over his body, trying somehow to identify who he is. 

"You won't even be able to find out my identity." He says chuckling. That's not creepy at all.

"I might as well give you the joy of knowing who I am before I kill you." He exclaims smiling.

No! Kill me?! My whole body starts to shake in fear as he kneels by me. Tears pool in my eyes as I whimper. 

The man then slowly peels his mask off his face. 

"No." I whisper in shock. The man staring back at me is no other than Dr.Wells.

He smiles and drops his mask onto the floor. 

"Suprised to see me Caitlin?" He says. 

All I can think is, they were right.

They were all right.

Dr.Wells is evil.

"Well Caitlin, I have to take you somewhere." He states randomly.

"You-you! How could you?!" I spit out at him. 

He just smiles, then I see his fist coming towards my face quickly.

That's the last thing I remember.


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