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Changes After the Crisis (Snowbarry) by JamesAdmiral
Changes After the Crisis ( JamesAdmiral
After losing everything, Cassandra "Cassie" Rose Snow-Allen begins a race against time to save her family from the Darkest Thunder, and prevent the tragedy fro...
I'll join you - Snowbarry by BrainBox3456
I'll join you - Snowbarryby BrainBox3456
When Killer Frost shows Barry what Iris and the rest of team flash has been hiding from him, Barry takes up on Killer Frost's offer to join her. Things start off as a si...
Flash's Other Daughter by summer0candy
Flash's Other Daughterby Mars
Caitlin left Central City when she found out Barry was planning to get back with Iris who happened to be pregnant. She didn't want to burden Barry so she left to Nation...
The Fastest Man Alive: The Flash by Alex by Alex_Flash
The Fastest Man Alive: The Flash Алексей Протасевич
How I would like The Flash continued after Zoom kidnapped Caitlin. Credits to the numerous works and authors that I have read.
Super Daughter - Snowbarry by Korijin
Super Daughter - Snowbarryby Korijin
What if instead of The danvers family adopting Kara. It's Barry and Caitlin. See how Kara develops and lives as an Allen instead of a Danvers. I got this idea and concep...
God Of Speed's True Identity (SnowBarry) by Blitz9000
God Of Speed's True Identity ( Blitz9000
What Barry does when he finds out Savitar's Identity and how he reveals it to the team. May continue even after Savitar. Disclaimer: I do not own The Flash - The Flash i...
The Flash- A Lost Hero by nikki_roseadale
The Flash- A Lost Heroby Stories_NF
Central City's hero, The Flash goes missing with no trace. Citizens of Central City have no protection after losing their hero. Back at Star Labs everyone's life has cha...
When Everything Fall Apart  (Snowbarry) by JamesAdmiral
When Everything Fall Apart ( JamesAdmiral
Just as Barry and Iris are about to start their own family, their daughter Nora comes from the future along with a mysterious little girl... Disclaimer: I don't own The...
The Hybrid Son by Cait_spade
The Hybrid Sonby Cait_spade
With Nora beginning to adjust to her new life here in 2018 things couldn't be better, until a new speedster show up to hunt her down. Who is this mysterious new speedste...
Texts: Team Flash by jj0nova
Texts: Team Flashby jj0nova
Read texts between team flash!! Including Barry, Caitlin, Cisco, wells and much more!
Just A Kiss On Your Lips by SnowMione18
Just A Kiss On Your Lipsby Ravenclaw Princess
Barry Allen soon finds out that Caitlin Snow kissed Hannibal Bates. When Caitlin tells Barry will these two confess any feelings or will they forget what happened and st...
Supergirl x Glee x Flash:The Past Comes Back..? by Brittana-Karley
Supergirl x Glee x Flash:The Rachel Fabray
There's this alien who kidnaps The Supergirl Team, Flash Team, and New Directions to bring them all together. The alien shows them the past about Marley, and what's happ...
Live like a metahuman by racheltahiana
Live like a metahumanby Snowb4rry
All City have heros. Starling City have the Arrow team with Oliver Queen, John Diggles, Laurel Lance and Felicity Smoak. But this story talk about the hero of Central Ci...
You Needed Me- Snowbarry/FlashFrost (COMPLETED) by fanfic_31
You Needed Me- Snowbarry/ Mia ♡
Caitlin & Barry explore their feelings towards each other. ❤💙 Omg guys! We got #2 on FlashFrost ❤❤❤❤
Broken Together by LettingItGoxXx
Broken Togetherby Karla
Barry and Caitlin have been married for two years. Recently, they have been going at each other, bickering and arguing over the littlest things. One night they get into...
Changing the Future by S17mako
Changing the Futureby S17mako
Two girls storm in the West house after they defeat DeVoe and are welcoming Jenna to Team Flash. These girls have many secrets and secret agenda's that threaten the the...
The life of Cait by editqueenhere
The life of Caitby Em
Caitlin Snow and Barry Allen become close friends after Barry was struck by lightning. But little do they know that their past selves from the 1950's were lovers. Unfort...
Meant To Be by runbarry
Meant To Beby runbarry
Barry Allen has newly discovered feelings for Caitlin Snow. Read as they bond more closely and follow the course of their ongoing relationship in this multiple part stor...
unknown feelings by SunriseNorSunset
unknown feelingsby Leticia Moreno
It about Snowbarry. Caitiln need help from Barry to pretend to be her boyfriend while not knowing they both have feeling for each other.
SnowBarry Memory Unlocked by EmmaS11
SnowBarry Memory Unlockedby Katherine Walker
Team Flash is working on something they haven't seen before. Werid things been happening and Barry is determined to find out what. But has he come too close to this? ...