Chapter 5

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   I feel Barry set me down. I hear a lot of noise. People talking. Some fast pace music in the background. "Where are we?" I ask. "Take off the mask and see." Barry says. I unfold the blindfold and let out a small laugh as I see my surroundings. "Mel's drive in!" I giggle. "Yeah, do you like it, Dolly?" Barry asks playfully. "I sure do." I say facing him. Mel's drive in opened up about two weeks ago and has been the buzz of the town. I haven't been yet but I wanted to go badly. But now I'm here! With Barry! "Let's go in." Barry says taking my hand in his and leading me into the diner. He opens the door and let's me go first. "Thank you." I say. "Anytime Dolly." Barry says. I laugh and stare at him. "Why do you keep calling me Dolly?" I ask. "It's 1950's slang." He pulls me close to him,"Dolly." He finished. Our faces are inches away from each other. "Hey cut it out eager beaver!" I hear a voice yell. Barry and I look over and see my friend Leia sitting in a booth with her boyfriend Johnny. Barry and I walk over towards them," Did anyone ever tell you to scram?" Barry asks laughing. "Not yet." Leia smirks scooting over to make room for me to sit by her. As Barry and I sit down with Leia and Johnny we here a loud shout. I get scared but then quickly realize that it's part of the song from the jukebox. I turn my attention back to our table. "So Johnny, when are you gonna put a ring on this girl's finger?" I joke looking at Leia. "Already done." He says smiling. I stop. "What?" Barry and I ask in union. I look over at Leia and see that she's holding her left hand up, a shiny ring on her finger. "Really?!" I squeal. "Yeah!!" She squeals back. "Leia!" I exclaim hugging her. "My best friend is getting married!" I yell out. A loud applause goes throughout the diner. 

My best friend is getting married!

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