Chapter 2

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    "Hey Barry could you come here for a second?" I ask loudly. I hear foot steps down the hall. "Yeah?" I hear him ask as he walks into the room. I turn my face to look at him and let a small gasp come out of my mouth. "What happened?!" I exclaim. Blue and purple surround Barry's right eye. It looks quite painful. "Did someone punch you?" I ask, worried. 

Who would punch Barry? I think to myself. 

He's like an adorable puppy.

"No, I-I ran into a um..wall." He stutters. He looks flustered. His eyebrows twitch as he stares at me. "You're a horrible liar you know." I say. Barry's mouth falls open into an "o". "I-I'm, well I didn't want you to get worried, because you worry a lot and um." He stops. I stare at him, waiting for him to finish. "And?" I question. "It was Eddie." Barry mumbled quickly. "Eddie? Eddie Thawn?!" I exclaim. Eddie is such a nice guy, why would he punch Barry? "It's not like that! He was just confused about me." Barry says defensively. "What do you mean? Confused about you?" I ask. Barry lets a small sigh. "He thinks I like Iris." Barry says quickly. My stomach drops. I let a little "Oh." slip out of my mouth. "Well um- do you?" I mumble looking down. Barry pauses. "I-I don't know, I mean maybe?" Barry says confused. I look up at Barry. He stares back at me. I hold my breath. "Cait-" he starts, but I quickly interupt him. "Oh hey! You know what! I-uh totally forgot I'm meeting my-um parents! For an early dinner!" I exclaim quickly. I grab my purse and phone. "Well um, have fun." Barry says. "Thanks." I say walking out the door. I swear my heart is beating so fast it could explode. As I'm walking through the parking lot thoughts run through my mind. 

Does he like Iris? 

Does she like him?

Do I like him? Yes. 

Wait! No!

I can't like him because I

I just can't!

Yeah, that's a good reason! Great job Cait!

I moan as I unlock my car. Why does life have to be so stupid?

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