Chapter 13

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I walked outside in my grey bathrobe into the night

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I walked outside in my grey bathrobe into the night. What was that noise?!

It was 1 am, and all night long I've been hearing this very loud beeping noise coming from outside.

I moan in frustration as I feel my feet suddenly cold and wet as I step into a puddle with my socks on. 

"Really?" I ask annoyed. As I'm stepping out of the puddle I see a flash of yellow. 


I look up at the sky, not a cloud in sight. That's strange.

Then I see a long bright flash of yellow whizz in front of me. It looks exactly like when Barry runs. I feel my heart start to beat faster as I give Barry a 911 text. 

"Caitlin Snow." A deep voice says. I whip around.

Yellow. A man in a yellow suit stands in front of me. I feel my phone slip out of my hands and I gasp.

I'm too stunned to move. 

But I somehow force a question out of my mouth.

"Who-who are you?" I ask shakily. 

The man behind the yellow suit chuckles. "An old friend." He mutters. 

Barry hurry up!

Then my hair whips in front of my face and I find myself yards away from the man in the yellow mask. Barry stands in front of me. I sigh in relief.

"Stay away from her!" He demands.

"Why should I?" The man asks creepily. 

My heart beats faster.

"Barry.." I say. Barry places his arm in front of me.

"Stay back, Cait." He whispers to me. 

Then the yellow flash comes zooming towards me. I let a scream escape my throat and I feel myself being lifted. The man in the yellow mask is running with me in his arms.

"Barry!" I yell, scared as ever. No no! This man is kidnapping me!

"Caitlin!" Barry yells back chasing the man holding me.

He's going to catch this man, I think.

But he doesn't.

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