Chapter 6

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      I look at myself in the mirror.

Do I look okay?

My hair is curled, but I always curl my hair. 

I eyeball the black dress I'm wearing.

Is this too much?

I mean, I don't normally dress this nice.

I mean, we are just going out to eat.

That's it.

A familiar song starts to randomly play through the air.

Summer Lovin'

My ringtone.

I quickly hop over the heels lying on the floor and grab my phone.

I place it next to my ear.

"Hello?" I ask. 

"Hey, are you on your way?" I hear Barry ask. 

"Yeah. I'll be there in ten minutes." I say. 

"Okay we-" I hang up.

Stupid Caitlin! He was saying something. 

I place my phone down with my shaky hands.

The nerves are setting in,

and so are the butterflies in my stomach.

I step into my heels and grab my purse.

I can do this!

"I can't do this!" I whisper to Felecity as we approach the entrance to the restraunt.

"It'll be fun Caitlin! Come on! They even have karaoke!" She exclaims smiling. "How are you so optimistic?" I ask moaning. "Well maybe it's because I'm the type of girl who doesn't ignore that she likes a guy!" Felecity says. 

"He probably doesn't even feel the same way about me." I murmur as she opens the door.

"I'm sure he does." Felecity replies as we step inside the building. 

It's soft lighting on the inside makes it almost romantic, but then only a few feet away is the dance floor with a karaoke machine, filled with disco lights.

"You're just saying that because you're my friend." I say.

"No-I-I...yeah." She replies sheepishly. 

"Well you don-"

"Barry! Cisco!" She suddenly yells excitedly. 

I look forwards and see Barry and Cisco walking towards up. If I wasn't holding onto Felecity I would've fallen flat on my face.

"Heyyy!" Cisco says. 

I pretend to be studying some picture on the side of the wall while Barry walks closer towards me. 

"So what do you guys think about this place?" Barry asks.

"Oh it's great I love it!" Cisco says. 

Barry laughs and looks at Cisco.

"I wasn't asking you!" He laughs.

Oh, his laugh. It's made of happiness and buttermilk. Well at least that's what it sounds like it's made of.

Felecity elbows my side sharply.

"Uh-uh it's-its swell!" I spurt out.

"I haven't heard that one before!" Barry laughs.

I feel my face get warm and know I'm blushing.

After we finish eating Cisco brings up a horrible, horrible idea.

"Why don't we do karaoke?" He suggests.

"Yeah! Let's do it!" Felecity joins in.

Barry looks at me, "You and me?" He questions.

Just the fact that he referred to me and him in one sentence makes me feel tingly. 

"I don't know.." I say.

"Come on please Cait!" He pleads with his blue eyes.

How can I say no to that?

"Okay, sure, why not?" I reply.

Barry smiles and starts to leave his seat. 

"Let's go!"

"I met a girl crazy for me." Barry sings with his angelic voice.

"I met a boy cute as can be." I sing, with my horrible,ugly dying whale voice.

Barry opens his mouth to sing again but we make eye contact and we bust out laughing. 

I'm doubled over laughing, right next to Barry, with at least fifty people staring at us.

But as crazy as this sounds, I don't care.

Because I'm caught up in this moment and I never want to let it go.

Barry and I stand in front of my apartment door. 

"I had fun tonight." He says.

I nod smiling, "Yeah me too! Who knew you could sing?" I laugh.

Barry looks down, grinning. 

"You were great tonight." I say.

Barry looks up at me, our eyes meeting.

"Thanks." He replies.

I take deep breath.

Maybe he does like me. 

Then a loud noise interrupts the silence between us.

Barry pulls out his phone, "Oh, I'm sorry." He mutters under his breath.

"No it's okay." I say reassuringly.

He fumbles with his phone and then says. 

"Aw man, I accidentally canceled it!" He moans slightly laughing. 

"Well let's hope whoever it was wont be too upset with you." I joke, slowly inching closer towards him.

I need to tell him how I feel.

"Well let's hope she doesn't break up with me over it." He laughs, putting his phone back in his pocket.

Break up??

"What?" I ask, confused.

He's dating someone.

Barry Allen is dating someone.

Barry's face falls. "Oh I'm sorry! I was going to announce it to everyone tomorrow!" He apologizes.

"Iris and I are dating." He says. 

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