Chapter 18

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Caitlin's POV

Ronnie Ramond was an old friend from college. We both took the same science class and became close. At a point in time we we're actually dating but he moved away, and now I'm thinking about him. I miss him. But the only reason I'm thinking about him is because, well,

He called me.

We are meeting at Jitters at 2 o' clock later today. He said he was in town visiting his parents, who happen to live in Starling City.

I can't believe Ronnie is here! It's been so long! 

My stomach feels woozy just thinking about meeting him later today, I mean,

It's been 5 years.

I hear the bell ding as another customer opens the door to Jitters. I whip my head around, instead of Ronnie, I see an old fat guy. Definitely  not Ronnie. Then a he says "Caitlin?!" My heart sinks. That's Ronnie?! He says it again but I realize his mouth isn't moving. 

Is he a ventriloquist??

Then I see a charming young man step away from behind the fat guy. 


I'm so glad he's not the fat old guy I saw!

I scan his face as he walks over to me, smiling. His hair is the exact same and he looks better than ever!

"Caitlin Snow? Wow!" He exclaims as I stand up to greet him. 

My stomach is doing flip flops.

I open my arms and we hug each other tightly. 

Hugging him feels like the best thing in the world.

"It's been too long!" I say to him happily as we pull away from the hug.

"Yes, it has." He agrees and we sit down at the small table in front of us. 

"Cait, you look, amazing! Absolutely amazing." He murmurs. I stare in his brown eyes and feel all fuzzy and warm as he calls me Cait. 

"You don't look too bad yourself." I say. He laughs. 

For a moment there is awkward silence, I need to break it.

"So is everything okay with your parents?" I ask, wondering why he's visiting them.

"Yeah yeah, I'm just visiting because I miss them, and-and there is something else I need to do here." He repsonds.

"What is it?" I ask curios. Does he have business with his work here? 

"You." He says. I widen my eyes. 


Does he still like me?! 

More importantly, do I still like him?!

"W-what?" I stutter, suprised. Ronnie takes a shaky breath and opens his mouth to speak.

"Caitlin ever since we parted ways in college, life hasn't been the same. I-I knew the moment I stepped on that plane to take that job offer half way across the country it was a mistake, but I somehow convinced myself that I didn't love you, that I could find someone else. " he pauses. 

My heart is overflowing with emotion, what will he say?

"I tried to find other girls, but none of them compared to you, Cait and this well, is a leap of love, I'm sorry if you're taken, But I-I want you back, be mine again, Cait." He says sincerely.

My mouth is open in an "o" and my brain is jamming with thoughts. 

With all my heart, I want to say yes, but my mind is stopping me.

What about Barry?


Well, he didn't like me in return and he's with Iris. 

And I think I'm in love with Ronnie..

"What do you say, Cait?" He asks nervously putting my hands in his.

"Yes!" I exclaim. My response brings a smile to his face, as well and my own.

I'm Ronnie's  girl again, and it feels great!


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