Chapter 1

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    "Barry!" I yell in fear. I hear the sound of cars and scream as I feel hands grab my waist and roughly pull me back. "Whew." I hear Barry say. "That's was close." He says. "Barry!" I exclaim annoyed. "Can you please take this blindfold off me so I don't walk straight into traffic?!" I whisper to him sharply. I feel Barry untie the blindfold. It falls to the ground as my eyes adjust to the light. "Sorry Cait, this was supposed to be a romantic gesture." He says apologetically. I sigh. "You're lucky you're cute." I say facing him. Barry smiles,"I guess so,huh?" He remarks. I roll my eyes and smile. "When are we going to go to where ever it is you want us to?" I question. "Right now." He replies. "But you still can't see the way there." He says. I hold my hands up. "No more blindfolds!" I yell a little too loudly, causing people walking down the street to stare at me. Barry laughs as my cheeks turn bright red. "I promise, but you'll have to close your eyes." He says. "How will I know where  I'm going?" I ask. "Like this." He says. Then all of sudden I'm in his arms, bridal style. "Barry!" I exclaim letting a loud laugh escape my lips. "Close your eyes." He says playfully. "Okay." I whisper. I close my eyes and feel Barry start to walk forward. "Don't drop me!" I say. "I won't!" He replies slightly offended. "You might! I can see it now in the newspaper! Caitlin Snow born 1932, died 1951, dropped by boyfriend Barry Allen, and rolled into traffic!" I yell giggling. "Oh trust me Cait, I'll never let you go." Barry says. 

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