Chapter 7

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Why am I not good enough?

I mean, I'm smart, I think I'm pretty and I make good jokes. 

I'm a very nice person actually.

A feel a tear roll down my cheek.

He probably had no clue I liked him.

No, wait I think I might've loved  him.

His laugh was adorable and the way he bumped into doors awkwardly made me smile.

He had a passion for people, he loved to help others, even at the expense of his life.

But he didn't choose me.

I whip my head up as I hear a soft knock at the door.


Am I just supposed to open the door crying, and then confess my love to him?

Slowly, I get up and walk towards the door.

Panic starts to rise.

I stop my hand an inch away from the door handle.

I take a deep breath and turn it, opening the door.

I find myself face to face with,


Her smiles dissapears as she sees my tears. 

"What happened?!" She asks worried.

"Barry Allen, that's what happened." I croak.

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