Chapter 17

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"Hey Cait!" Barry says cheerfully

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"Hey Cait!" Barry says cheerfully. "Oh hi, Barry." I say watching him walk in. 

Barry sighs and sits down in a chair by me. "Cisco any news about Captian Cold?" He asks. 

Cisco pulls the sucker (lollipop) out of his mouth and shakes his head "Neine." He responds.

"You know German?" I ask. I thought he only knew Spanish. "Oh ah no, that's the only German word I know, and the only reason I know it is because of the Book Thief." He says smirking. 

"That was a sad movie." Barry and I accidentally say in union. 

We both look at each, him smiling at me. But I don't smile back. 

His smile quickly dissapears and he looks flustered as he looks away. 


What was that? 

Barry and I look over and Cisco getting up, out of his chair. "That's my popcorn!" He says, walking out of the room.

I want popcorn too. 

Barry turns his head to look at me. "You okay?" He asks. 

Stop asking me that! It's sweet he cares, but, I don't want to keep lying to him, saying I'm fine.

"I'm fine." I respond. I feel my cheeks getting hot as the lie rolls of my tongue. 

Barry's eyebrows pull together as he comes closer to me. 

"Okay." He says unsure. 

I smile and look at his eyes, "Barry I'm fine! Trust me!" I exclaim as I place my hand on his arm. 

"Okay." He replies again. Pulling away from me. 

"You're a horrible liar." He mutters walking out.


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