Chapter 9

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I knock on the door to Joe's house.

Take a deep breath, Caitlin

I hear a few locks and clicks and the door opens.

I see Joe there smiling. 

"Hey Caitlin! Come on in!" He says.

"Thank you." I reply walking in.

Joe decided to have a little get together at his house.

Everyone was here, Cisco, Iris, Barry, Joe, Felicity, Oliver, Dr.Wells and Eddie.

Felicity walks up to me and we hug. 

"Hey girl!" She exclaims. 

"Hey." I reply tiredly.

She grabs my wrist then pulls me aside. 

"So how do you feel about" she looks around then, right at Barry and Iris, holding hands," that?" 

She asks.

"How do you think I feel about it?" I question her slightly upset. 

Felicity bites her lip," He was a jerk anyways." She mutters.

"You're just saying that because you have to plus, Barry is the sweetest guy on the planet." I murmur.

"That's true." She says.

I feel myself bump into the back wall. Then it moves.

It moves?!

I whip around and see Cisco. 

"Hey pretty lady." He laughs. 

I smile.

I reach for him and we hug quickly. 

Then my worst fears come true.

I see Barry walking towards me. 

Oh no.

"Hey Cait!" He says.

"Hi." I reply.

Please go away! I think.

My arms are awkwardly at my side and I stare at the ground as we both stand there in silence.

"Can you come with me for a sec?" He asks walking outside.

I follow him to the porch and he closes the door.

"So are you okay with Iris and me?" He asks.

"...Yeah! Yeah. I'm fine with you guys." I spurt out.

Caitlin stop lying!

"Are you sure? Because I don't want anyone to not be okay with it, and-and not tell me." He says sincerely.

"Yeah! I'm fine with you guys! I'm sure she's great and-and you mean a her." I say.

Just saying her makes me cringe.

Barry and her.


If only I was her.

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