Chapter 22

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It's been two months now. 

Two months I've been dating Ronnie. But I guess I kind of forgot the fact that he is hot-headed.

"I don't know, Felicity, at first being with him, felt so right, so-so good, but.." I stop.

How can I admit I don't want to be with Ronnie?

"But?" Felicity questions walking closer to me.

I let out a loud sigh. "I-I don't know about us, Ronnie and I, anymore." I say.

I feel myself trembling. I force myself to take a breath and I look up at Felicity. 

"Cait, do you love him?" She asks grabbing my wrists, her eyes peering into mine.

Why do I feel like she can see right through me?

"I-I.." I close my eyes.

Just say it!

"I don't." I say with a wobbly voice. 

I take a shaky breath and slump against the wall, looking up at the ceiling.

Trying to ignore Felecity's reaction. 

"Oh." I hear her say 


She must think I'm an idiot, a complete idiot!

I bite my lip and draw my attention back to her suprised face.

"Tell him that Cait, tell him that, and-and then, break up with him." She says quickly.

Her words are like a sharp slap to the face.

Break up with Ronnie?

I don't know if I can do that.

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