Chapter 11

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S.T.A.R labs used to be a place I felt happy in, a place I felt comfortable in. 

But I don't feel that way anymore when I'm here. Now instead of a home it's staring to feel like only work. 

Not family.

I hear footsteps in the hallway and turn my head to the entrance.

Barry and Cisco walk in together.

"Good morning." I force myself to say.

They don't respond, they look confused and are talking amongst themselves. Whispering harshly.

"Hello? Guys?" I say louder. Cisco looks up.

"Do you think Dr.Wells is evil?" He asks.

Hold up! What is he saying?

"Cisco? What are you talking about?" I ask. 

Is he mad at Dr.Wells? 


"Okay so you think Dr.Wells is lying about someone breaking into his house?" I ask Joe.

Joe nods. 

"Why? I mean you're jumping to conclusions!" I exclaim.

This is stupid.

"He is in a wheelchair, if they glass broke above him he would've been cut, but he's perfectly fine, not a scratch on him." Joe replies

Okay, there is probably an explanation for that!

"I don't believe he is lying, why would he lie about that?" I ask bewildered.

"We don't know." Barry says looking at me.

I slam the apartment door closed. I let out a moan of frustration.

Dr.Wells is not evil! He gave me my job! He's been good to me!

"Woah someone is angry!" I here Felicity say from the kitchen.

She's standing there with an apron on, cutting lettuce.

I throw my purse on the floor and kick my heels off.

"Boys are so idiotic!" I exclaim angrily.

Felicity raises her eyebrows. 

"What's up?" She asks, going back to cutting her lettuce.

"Barry, Joe and Cisco think Dr.Wells is evil!" I say loudly.

" he?" Felicity asks.

"Felicity!" I exclaim.

I don't need her thinking he is evil too!

"Sorry but are you sure this is only about Dr.Wells and not about Barry?" She asks looking at me.

Of course it's not about Barry!

"I mean think about it, if Barry wasn't involved in this would you be this angry?" She asks.

I look down. 

There's a question I don't have the answer to.

"I think it's time for you to get over him." She says.

"I am over him!" I say defensively.

Felicity finished cutting her lettuce. 

She places her knife down.

"Really? Because it doesn't look like it." She points out.

"Work in progress." I say shrugging.

Getting over Barry is definitely a work in progress.  

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