Chapter 12

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 I look at myself in the mirror and jump. Woah! I let out a little laugh as Leia walks up behind me, which makes me laugh harder. Our hair is up in curlers and our faces are covered in green masks. 

"What's so funny Cait?" Leia asks smiling. "Us!" I exclaim through the giggles.

"At least we aren't drags!" She replies smiling. "True" I say looking at the clock," we better wash these face masks off and take the curlers out of our hair and start getting ready." I say.

"I guess so." Leia says softly.

I pull a green cashmere sweater over my head and put it on. 

"That sweater is swell!" Leia says eyeballing it. I look at myself in the mirror. My red lips and curled hair give a good contrast to the sweater. "I bet he's cranked to see you." She says. 

"I hope he would be." I say. 

"I'm sure he- oh no! Caitlin!We are gonna be late!" Leia suddenly exclaims midway through her sentence.

I run into my room and grab my shoes and purse.

I've never ever been late to a date with Barry before. 

But hey, there's always a first.

I see a man with a black leather jacket on and brown hair. 


"Hey Leia, I see him." I say pulling at her arm.

Her mouth curves into a smile.

"I see Johnny too!" She murmurs.

We walk arm in arm towards them quickly. "We were beginning to think you wouldn't show!" Johnny jokes. "Oh I'd never miss a date with you." Leia says playfully to Johnny as he kisses her cheek. 

They're so adorable. It almost hurts.

I notice Barry walking towards me," Hey." He murmurs in my ear leaning closing to me. "Sorry we were late." I apologize. "Oh um, no it's okay." He replies kissing my forehead. He seems nervous. 

Is he hiding something?

Barry was acting weird throughout the whole dinner.

What was wrong with him?

"Hey Cait, could we go outside? Alone." He asks.

My heart starts to beat rapidly. 

Is he going to break up with me?

I nod standing up, the whole walk to outside I was replaying good memories of us together.

Is this how it ends?

I feel my hands shaking but I stuff them in my pockets trying to hide them.

Once we are a good distance away from people we stop.

"What's wrong Barry?" I ask him, worried.

"Caitlin I've been thinking, and lately, I've realized that I can't do this anymore." He says.

No! My heart drops. 

What did I do wrong?

"W-what?" I ask him. 

I feel like I'm going to throw up.

"I can't be your boyfriend, I-I don't want to." He says quickly.

I look down as tears cloud my vision. I turn to walk away but Barry grabs my arm.

"Barry I-" He spins me around and presses my body against his.

He cups my face with his hands.

"I want to be your husband." He says.


Did he just..


Barry's eyes scan my face quickly. 

"Cait?" He asks nervously. 

My face break into a smile.


I squeal and pull Barry's head towards mine and connect my lips with his.

"Yes." I murmur.

"I wanna marry you!" I exclaim, then we kiss again.

"Good, because I don't know how well the return policy for this ring is." He says smiling.

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