Q&A Part 6: Who would I meet in history?

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@morbidsucre- : If you could have any historical figure over for dinner, who would they be and why?

I remember being asked this in an interview once! 

This is such a hard thing to do, because I love history, and there are so many people I'd like to speak to! I can't pick just one, and--with full knowledge that I'd probably change my mind later, here's some of the people I'd pick:

--Queen Elizabeth I: She's such a badass, and I just want to bask in her presence. 

--Martin Luther: I'd like to bring him to the future and ask him about whether or not he feels the reformation he started was worth it. I'd like to hear his philosophies first hand. I'd like to confront him about some of his really bad leanings, like his anti-Semitism and his prejudice against the poor. I'd like to talk to him about his wife, and love. (Please note: Martin Luther is not the same as Martin Luther King, Jr.)

--Beethoven: I would want both a private concert, and then to drink him under the table.

--Alexander Hamilton: His appearance would come, I assume with Hamilton tickets. Also, I really just want to ask about the duel. And Eliza. And Philip. And Marquis de Lafayette. And all of it! 

--Marie Catherine Laveau: The voodoo queen of New Orleans. I want to talk to her about power. I'm not telling you more than that. The voodoo queen knows what I want to know. 

--Murasaki Shikibu: She wrote the first novel. The first novel in the world

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