Q&A Part 38: Process: Finding the Lead

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@Alisonlimakm asks: Many writers say they need to write a strong lead before they can progress in the story. Others say that can "discover" their lead through the process of writing. How do you think about your lead from the time you are reporting and throughout the process?

I tend to think of a story for a long time before I write it--weeks or months. I get an idea of who my characters are, and what the main problem they're solving will be. I also have a vague idea of how the main problem is solved, but that's it--nothing very detailed, just sort of like the ??? Profit! meme. 

From there, I like to discover the story as I go, unravelling it on the page as I write. Part of the fun of writing for me is solving the problems with my characters in real time. 

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