Q&A Part 28: How I reacted to my publishing deal

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 @_fullbrightness  asks: what did you feel when they first told you they wanted to publish your books? like, the very first time. how did you manage to do it? did your looked for publishers or did they found you??

I threw up. 

A lot. 

So much that I went to the hospital emergency room and was given morphine and fluids and other lovely things that made me hallucinate. 

Turns out when I get really, really happy, my body sort of rejects reality and I just explode everywhere. 

(The husband is a little irked that I did not have this reaction when we got married. To be fair, the book deal was harder to get than the man.)

So yeah. That's me. 

In terms of how I got my first book deal: time and work and practice and luck. I wrote ten novels over the course of ten years. I had more than a thousand rejections from agents. But then I wrote one more novel--Across the Universe--and I sent it out to agents, and literally all my dreams came true. That book signed with my dream agent, who also represented one of my favorite authors. And she placed the book with my publisher, which was literally my dream publisher. And they made my manuscript into a book and everything just got even better after that.

But the ten years and ten rejected novels before that were really rough.

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