Q&A Part 17: Favorite Doctor Who villian

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@genki_bee asks: I'm a huge Whovian as well and very excited about the Doctor Who Easter eggs in AWWY! Who is your favorite Doctor Who villain?

Whovians REPRESENT! 

If you asked me during the Tenth Doctor's reign, I would have picked Weeping Angels. That one episode where they were first introduced was brilliant. But...the more I see of them, the less I find them terrifying. 

(By the way: this is why Daleks aren't terrifying any more. They're in. Every. Season. They were supposed to be killed off, they were supposed to be "the last one ever" and they just keep showing up. Come on.)

So I think I'd say right now...the Silence. I love how they mess with your mind. But I say this was the caveat that it's a crime that the episode where we meet River, Silence in the Library, doesn't have any reference to the Silence. That would have been such a great clue! But no. 

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