Q&A Part 24: Research in mental illness

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@Alexandra_92 asks:  What kind of research did you have to do for Bo's case and mental illness in general?

A lot of my research was actually updating stuff I knew. Mental health is a constantly growing medical field, and much of what I presumed to know has changed in recent years (i.e. specific wording of diagnoses, treatments, etc.).

I definitely took some liberties. "Pyromania" which is actually not a term commonly used, presents most often in males as an expression of trauma or lack of control, but I gave it to my female character whose background isn't illustrated. Bo's delusions are far more specific and vivid than is typically common; Harold's auditory hallucinations are much more on point (he becomes the voice of truth, something that characterizes him and his illness to an extent). 

Ironically--and terrifyingly--the most real character in terms of diagnoses is Ryan. 

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