Q&A Part 37: Do the characters have anxiety?

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@BrittWogsland asks:  Do any characters in the book deal with anxiety?

It's not stated in the book--in other words, it's not an official diagnosis. 

But there's a very brief scene where a character has an anxiety attack. It's in a memory Phoebe has of her brother, when they and their mother were going to go on a lobster boat in main, but Bo breaks down and refuses to go on the boat for no apparent reason, clutching his heart like its a heart attack. Phoebe didn't understand it, but that was a panic attack. 

The inspiration for this came from two things. The first was a time I was with my brother and mother, going to Maryland to visit our grandfather. There's a very long bridge and tunnel that we go through, and we've been in it at least a dozen times. But that time, my brother had a panic attack. My mother and I had no idea what to do; neither of us had ever seen one, we couldn't tell what was wrong, we just knew something was wrong. 

Later, my husband had a panic attack. He thought it was a heart attack, and we went to the ER. (Which ended up being fortunate, because while it wasn't a heart attack, we discovered an unrelated heart problem during that visit.) Anyway, it was the idea that a mental issue causes a physical response that made me want to make sure I included it in this story. 

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