Q&A Part 3: My favorite character

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@minipsychologist asks: Who is your favorite character in this book and why?

Oh, that's a great question! I will say that I love Bo, because seeing the world through his eyes enabled me to better understand my brother. And I love Phoebe, because she's most like who I used to be. And I love Dr. Franklin because he's most like who I am now. 

But my favorite character would probably be...Gwen. She's the most vivid in my head. She's a minor character, really, in the background for most of the book. But there is such tragedy in her, and strength, and I'm just really rooting for the girl, you know? I have a short story planned for her, but I'm notoriously bad at actually finishing the short stories I have planned...maybe one day. Would you guys like a short story based on her? 

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