Q&A Part 10: How do I research?

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@CatMint5: How do you research? Do you prefer reading online, reading a book or talking to someone who is knowledgable in the field? Do you use any other methods?

Research to me doesn't feel like research! I only write books about stuff that I like anyway, so I tend to read up on them for fun. I wrote Across the Universe because I love astronomy. I've always loved it; I followed it for years. The stuff I knew about space was stuff that I'd read and watched and knew and loved far before I ever started writing a sci fi book. And the stuff I have to research on the spot--stuff that I needed to know for the story--was easy and fun, like solving a puzzle to make the science meet the fiction. 

For A World Without You, the research was more specific. I needed to know exact diagnoses, symptoms, treatments...but I also had to do it without compromising the story. And, in the end, it wasn't about the science as much as the story, so most of what I knew never made it into the book. 

Research is an iceberg. The reader sees only the tip, but all that other stuff, the writer carries around in her head.

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