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Thanks so much for reading the first four chapters of A World Without You! This is very much a book of my heart, drawing from my own experiences growing up with a brother who suffered from mental illness. I hope you check out the full book when it's released on July 19, 2016, from Penguin/Razorbill. 

You can preorder the book from my local independent bookstore,, and get a signed copy with extra goodies. You can also preorder the book at any major retailer, including Amazon, BN, and more. More information is available at

ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE! Please post any questions you may have in the comments to this chapter--I'll be answer them periodically. You can ask about A World Without You, writing in general, publishing, any of my other books, what my dog's name is...whatever you want to know about! 

Before, I had a giveaway going to randomly selected a question-asker for a prize! The contest is now over, but feel free to continue asking questions, and I'll answer when I can. 

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