Q&A Part 4: Writing outside of "Across the Universe"

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@thPump asks: Is it tough to think the world "outside the universe"?

(I'm not 100% sure what you mean by this question, so feel free to ask me to clarify it! But I think you're asking if it was tough to write something outside of my Across the Universe series?)

In a lot of ways, it was really difficult to shift gears from the AtU world into the story of A World Without You. In AtU, if I got stuck, I could blow something up. And blowing stuff up in space is fun

But in AWWY, if I got stuck, I couldn't rely too much on explosions or big reveals on a spaceship. Instead, the book's big "explosions" were in emotional reveals. I had to rely on reality, and that made the book more...real? That's a lame way to put it. I guess what I'm trying to say is, everything in the book had to be true. Not in a nonfiction way, but in a "this could actually happen right now" way. Which made the book extraordinarily difficult for me to write, but also much more satisfying.

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